The story of launching an ecommerce website for Color Buckket

We were sitting in our office fiddling while staring at the countdown timer. Time itself seemed to have stood still. Our entire team at Pathfynder was both excited and nervous, after weeks of planning, preparation and hard work we were about to float a new product line concept live.

This was the moment of excitement, anxiety and truth.  Would it be appreciated?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

We hit the publish button.


Supporting an ecommerce business launch is a hard work that involves many decisions, revised planning and steps, which need to be put together with right timing.  Pathfynder took up a project a couple of weeks ago to introduce and launch the ecommerce business of Color Buckket – an online merchandise store with crazy, unique and stylish prints for fashion forward individuals. Here’ we’ll share with you the story of launching this beautiful, vibrant and user friendly ecommerce website for Color Buckket!



Remember the times when going to our favourite shop was an exciting adventure? Those colourful racks and enticing new products would stimulate our desires to buy everything at once!! Visiting the shopping malls and shops was altogether an exciting experience. Those memories inspire us today to create innovative and appealing ecommerce website for our clients.  We created a story board for the photo shoots of the products; each image handsomely tells a story of the man wearing the label Color Bukket. We researched on international model shoots to make sure that the website appears to be of global standards!  While conceptualizing the ecommerce website of Color Buckket, our team of creative minds was clear on some points; enthral the customers by presenting product range in grand new ways, with the use of fascinating designs and emotive language approach, and create stimulating shopping experiences that ensure the customers always return for more.

Photo shoot

12687923_1654152681513742_7550129013680084218_n 12670206_1657261184536225_2132898962033456592_n

Like all marketing planning, a photo shoot should have a purpose and a goal. We aimed for a pre planned, decided target and hit that within the time limit. Right from the selection of models, their coordination and styling to the real time photo shoot and final delivery, our team of professionals left no stone unturned to make it a successful one! The selection of models, which included rounds of screen tests, dress rehearsals and mock shoots in our own studio at Pathfynder as well as some of the most exotic locations in and around the Pink City, was a firsthand experience for our team of professionals too. Good photography after all is vital for online retailers; therefore we used best in the industry equipments for the shoot like Canon EOS 7D, 7D Mark II, Lenses from 50 – 200 mm, 600D and 500D with latest technology supporting gadgets like tripods, Mac book and camera remote.


To come out with most creative end results, we experimented with lights and how can one forget to mention about the handpicked props for the shoot. Hence when the end result is so much satiating, we would say it was worth digging into cosy shopping streets of the city and bargaining with luxury car and exotic destination resort owners.  Apart from that, even the fluctuating weather on shoot days did not deter our team from performing for this mutual goal for Color Buckket .  Enjoy a sneak peek into Behind the Scene video of Color Buckket photo shoot to have a sleek idea 😉



Even in the most likely and favourable circumstances, we need to touch up a model’s skin tone or remove unwanted marks after shoot. A proper photo processing and color correction was not at all challenging for the expert professionals at Pathfynder. We walked on the cake with this step and the final result can be seen in the website


12494687_1650963861832624_8364474857093139822_n 12662677_1660082867587390_5791092725382793162_n 12745696_1659112331017777_3392948959525982315_n

With the most attractive and interesting look of the ecommerce website of Color Buckket in place, we entirely focused on creating an exciting shopping experience for their customers. Thinking more practically, we developed the tools that make the website appear (user friendly) accessible to all, from casual shoppers who browse at a leisurely pace to people who want to find a specific product on a click. The wonderful line of merchandise by Color Buckket made it easy for us to play with the colors. The fascinating, off beat and crazy prints and designs in their range of Shirts, t-shirts, ties, pocket squares and bows fostered our “creative keeda” to conceive fantastic designing.

Social Media


Additional content always helps a brand or product in standing out from competitors and allows the search engines to find out that you are more than just an ecommerce site selling products. Way before the website was launched we were all over the social media with Color Buckket merchandises. We exploited the tools of instagram with intriguing photographs of the prints, designs and the smart content on facebook and wordpress helped us bring more traffic on their website.

The revolutionary real-time communication is allowing brands to build momentum through organic social interaction. We cashed on this wonderful tool by getting others involved in the conversation and the process of sharing through Facebook, Instagram and wordpress.  The strategic pitch of content with right Search Engine Optimizing words made it easy for the brand to encourage fans and get involved in communication.

Check out the teasers and content posted on Social Media platforms of Color Buckket, which really made the people want it 😀

With our under one roof ecommerce launch solution, we delighted Color Buckket and reminded them how exhilarating shopping can be on their ecommerce website.


You too are planning to own a powerful, profitable online shop? Just take the first step  – contact Pathfynder now !!


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