Short Videos and New Website Launch by Pathfynder


For any company their brand is their reputation. When someone makes a purchasing decision, that decision is based on one thing: does the brand speak to the end user in a way that sets the right perception of your company? We at Pathfynder offer our clients a brand identity—the tangibles of a brand.  We make sure to build brand architecture through deep research, planning, understanding and craft an expressive visual language through interactive websites and videos that becomes the identity of that company. After all, a well-crafted and well presented brand is more attractive. It grabs people’s attention and creates excited fans— those champions that will, at the end, drive success.
Here are few of the recent projects by Pathfynder carried out for various clients

Food Shoot for The Forresta Kitchen and Bar
Food shoot is always an excellent subject for us and that’s the reason we simply loved doing this branding video for our client The Forresta Kitchen & Bar a restaurant based on Forrest theme in the buzzing city of Jaipur.


Product Photo shoots for Color Buckket.
Appealing high quality product photography is essential for apparel e-commerce! And a major part of having an attractive website, these days, also means having high-quality, beautiful images. Recently, we’ve finished concept based product photography for Color Buckket a premium digital print apparel online store for men. Their e-commerce website is also conceptualized and designed by Pathfynder.

Website Designing
Website is very vital to any current day business. Be it just for your hours, your customers are looking for you on the web. Still waiting to own one? Check out this quirky and eccentric website carried out by PATHFYNDER for The Forresta Kitchen and Bar and Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati!


The Forresta- Outdoor Dining

The entire planning, conceptualizing and designing of Forresta and Devraj Niwas is carried out by Pathfynder. A quick visit to their website will give you a complete idea about the design philosophy.

Videos by Pathfynder

The story of the brand conveyed through a short and engaging #video has now become an integral part of today’s Social Media strategy. We capture the essence of what the client is offering to its customers, and translate their brand’s identity into a visually appealing story through  videos.  Here’s the latest video by PATHFYNDER for our client from hospitality sector Devraj Niwas, Jaipur. The concept here was to bring out the aesthetic ambiance of the property for curious travelers who are coming to stay with them.


Another one for the love of Beetle- the 21st Century Car.  🙂
Video and logo designed by Pathfynder for The BeetleHeritageExpedition2016 by Volkswagen Jaipur


So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to showcase your business through well-crafted videos, Social Media Identity and a perfect website .


Each project taken up by Pathfynder is a fresh challenge to do new for us. With every assignment to build a brand identity we are able to convey real business purposes, but there’s always a hint of self-depreciation and humor in our work. It is always fresh and represents our edginess 😉

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