The new look of Alsisar Mahal’s Website designed and developed by Pathfynder

Designing a website can be a long and complicated process. Dealing with clients, designing an eye catching prototype, coding, planning for content, and testing are the activities carried out to produce a user friendly website at Pathfynder . What is more challenging is to recreate a website which you’ve designed earlier. This requires a lot of efforts, and not to forget the deadlines to meet. But the process of creating a unique user experience ultimately inspires viewers to become brand loyal advocates, and that is the biggest satisfaction that we attain.

Alsisar Mahal Old Landing Page
Alsisar Mahal Old Landing Page
Alsisar Mahal New Landing Page
Alsisar Mahal New Landing Page

Alsisar Hotels– the group of heritage, luxury and boutique palace hotels is Pathfynder’s client since 2010. We worked on their different properties’ branding and website creation and re-creation since then.Looking at the fast changing time we need to work on existing design and content and adapt new technological features to render a fresh feel to the users at regular time period.

Photo Shoot –

When we began to recreate the website of Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati, the main focus was its newly developed property with many newfangled changes and additional destination experiences. A new photoshoot was planned with all new photography gadgets including Canon 7D Mk II, 7D, Go Pro etc together with our photography skills to capture the property with fresh look and feel.

We clicked new photographs at various hours of the day to show real experiences of the particular place during day and night time. In addition, the shoot gave our team a marvelous experience of the royalty.

Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati



Content Development 


When a website is re-created, the major challenge is to re write the same content with fresh feel keeping in mind the standard factual data.The content of Alsisar Mahal is created to immediately transport the user into a fairytale world of luxuries and royal lifestyle in this 17th century palace at just one go. Its appealing pictures, chosen design, color scheme, navigation, usability, loading times, compatibility and responsiveness, comprehensive site map, social media integration, is in a beautiful sync with the crisp and to the point content.



Approvals and disapproval are part of a game at every point but that certainly does not deter any one of the team members to reproduce a remarkable website. We struggled and juggled and at last we accomplished the website work of Alsisar Mahal in a month’s time.

Website Development

Our aim was to make the website grand, and an appealing one for the connoisseurs of luxury holidays. While developing the website the features like- responsiveness, convenient menu slider, full width images, on hover zoom function were all taken into consideration that helps in making the website more impressive and user friendly.  Also to reduce the effort of a viewer the mouse over function has been used. The entire design is being made keeping in view that the design should be responsive to all the devices, be it desktop monitors, laptops, tablets or mobiles. For the first time, site map was used that help users and search engines index the site and make it more convenient to navigate on smart phones. Under the umbrella of Alsisar Mahal, their most popular Magnetic Fields Festival is also added. This navigates the users to ticket purchase site.


Full width images were used in the website, as they are automatically resized if they get too big on mobile. So here, Pathfynder takes pride in presenting, which is up & live NOW. Do visit the site and leave your feedback in the comment box below!

P.S. Alsisar Hotels’ other properties; Alsisar Haveli-Jaipur and Nahargarh-Ranthambhore are also conceptualized, designed and developed at Pathfynder.



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