13 Things On Facebook That Changed Brand Building

Facebook completes 13 years of being, today and we cannot be happier. One of the most solid social media platforms that grew stronger with time is definitely also a favorite for all marketers. On its 13th anniversary, we share 13 ways in which Facebook changed the way brands promoted themselves and also how Pathfynder grew and experimented with Facebook.

1.) The Facebook Wall – That’s the first wall in human history that no one minds to talk to. When Facebook launched, the wall became the medium for everyone to speak out their thoughts on any and everything. Many brands also took advantage of the huge reach of Facebook and created their profiles on Facebook. Brands started posting creative content for their promotion.

2.) Images/Graphic Designs – Once Facebook gave way for posting images/graphics on the profiles, brands and marketing companies started promoting their pages with creative graphic designs. Pathfynder, being a marketing agency, definitely has a lot of fun creating beautiful graphical designs for its clients.

In Pic: Facebook Creatives for Pathfynder’s clients: Alsisar Haveli, VolkswagenJaipur,                                                           Skylights Cafe & Forresta Kitchen & Bar

3.) The Video Stories – Being able to play advertisements and videos on Facebook definitely gave a chance to many brands to narrate beautiful stories about their products and services, to a larger audience.

In Pic: A video coverage for our client, Ajit Bhawan, as posted on Facebook

4.) Brand Pages – Since Facebook became a huge platform for marketing it gave brands a chance to create their brand pages and promote their brands more effectively. As a branding firm, it became quite comfortable for Pathfynder to manage brand pages of our client through one account and we can’t thank Facebook enough for that.

In Pic: Pages of Volkswagen Jaipur & Blue Turban (as managed by Pathfynder)

5.) Location – Over the years Facebook added a lot of features that have all been of some good consequences for the brand. Location is another feature that has been useful for brands to connect with their audience across the world.


In pic: A Facebook post for Amar Mahal, Orchha, by Pathfynder (Using Location always helps)

6.) Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads definitely came as a boon for marketers when they got a chance to choose their audience through Facebook Ads. With the introduction of these ads brands could now choose and build large communities on Facebook.

7.) GIF – Introduction of GIF’s to Facebook was another milestone for both, Facebook and the brands. Being able to use unique features for brand promotion definitely helped a lot in digital media marketing. Pathfynder’s creative team definitely has the best time conceptualizing and creating GIF’s for the clients. 

In Pic: GIF created for Pathfynder’s client Jai’pour (for their launch)

8.) Feelings – Adding emotions to your posts on Facebook through Emoticons is definitely a big to influence people. The marketing world definitely had a party with such beautiful feature. 


In Pic: A Facebook Post for our client, On The Rocks (Feelings definitely speak more than words)

9.) Live video – While brands got huge success by interacting with their target audience through events, Facebook gave them a chance to connect to thousands of more audience through the option of live video posting.

In Pic: Live Video of Jaipur Literature Festival by Jaipur Beat

10.) Events – How many clients can one reach out to, by advertising in print media once and for what cost? Well, when Facebook introduced, event creation, on pages, it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a lot of people for an event.


In Picture: Event Created for Jaipur art Summit by Pathfynder

11.) The Blue Tick – Doesn’t just every brand wants to get their Facebook pages officially recognized with the Blue Tick, so that their fans can know that it’s their real page.

12.) Panorama shots – Probably for a lot of brands related to travel and tourism this was the feature that attracted them the most. So many tourism brands have used this feature to allure their fans on Facebook and we can say this because we really enjoy doing the same for Jaipur Beat.  


In Pic: Panorama shot of Stature Circle, Jaipur for Jaipur Beat

13.) Page Promotion – Facebook gives options to brands to promote themselves among people who share the same interest as that of the brand. That’s one thing that every brand looks out while placing themselves on Social media.


In Pic: Promotions for Latlong Jaipur event

All we can say is that Facebook, has been a superb platform for brands, to promote themselves and we are sure that it will continue to do so. Happy Anniversary Facebook 🙂


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