Cinema Advertising -An Essential part of your Media Plan in 2017- Pathfynder!


What you see is what you remember. And we are not talking about photographs here. We are talking about the advertising that is age-old way of presenting our brand on various platforms like Print, Radio, TV, Hoardings, and Social Media.

Advertisements have been here for centuries now and have existed in all forms that the mankind cannot even count on fingers, but you remember only few which either appealed to you, or were communicated to you too often. In old times, there were fewer televisions and almost no gadgets that were equipped enough to distract you, hence, you had all the time and patience to watch advertisements. Now, let’s keep the past aside and look at the present.

When was the last time you watched an entire ad film except the ones you can’t skip on YouTube?

May be the very short ads shown in the break time of cricket matches. We switch the TV channels too fast, get irritated with the ads on Radio or perhaps just miss them due to thousands of other distractions like busy mind, traffic and the list goes on.

So how & where do the brands market themselves with the least cost in this cut-throat competition?

Remember a new ad of Manyavar every time you go watch a movie or the jingle ‘Lyra Lyra’ which must be stuck in your mind by now? That is the impact of an ad in the cinema hall does.

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Over the years, a number of brands have taken the leap to free themselves from the confines of advertising and explored the possibility of aligning their brand with a creative cinema execution.

Of all the places people spend their most time at, be it their house, car, road, shopping malls, etc, there is one place where his mind is where his eyes are – Cinema Hall. The perspective & purpose of watching a movie has undergone a heavy change in the last decade. Cinema Halls are not just the place where you go to watch a good movie; it has become a haven as–

  1. One can cut off from all worries & outer world for a while and just carpe diem.
  2. You are anxious to miss your movie and hence reach the theatre 15 minutes before the movie begins.
  3. Similarly, after grabbing your popcorn you settle in the most relaxed state of mind, and there you are presented with a series of advertisements on the big screen in front of you.
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Only the smart brands figured this out that this is where their audience exists in complete peace and restful state. They are now investing in casting their advertisements in movie theatres all across the country.

We have seen record-breaking year of 2015-16 at the box office and a lot more in expected from 2017. If you look at the trend with almost 13-14 Hindi movies like Airlift, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Dangal, Bahubali, Tubelight etc crossing the mark of 100 crore collections in 2016-17, you can estimate the size of audience that gets exposed to the advertisements in cinema halls.

No doubt, Cinema on-screen advertising has given brands an unparalleled opportunity to be as creative as the films that follow them. For its low cost, large audience, greater attention span, better recall value and being more impactful today numerous marketers all around India are adopting this emerging trend of Video Advertising in Cinema Halls and one of the leading cities to embrace this trend at a pacing rate is Jaipur.

Pathfynder is the is the market leader because we know how to use the medium well.

Pathfynder Solutions, offering 360 degree branding solutions, has been producing, directing, shooting and editing several promotional videos for its clients of different genres such as hotels, restaurants, Non Governmental Organisation, Automobiles, real estate etc. With high-end equipment and strong technical know-how, Pathfynder has produced around 10 big scale videos in the last one year. After using them on various social media platforms like You Tube, Facebook, etc, we have taken the leap to free our brands from the confines of advertising and explored the possibility of aligning them with a creative cinema execution.

Case Study- Of Brands that have advertised in Cinema Halls in the last 6 months in association with Pathfynder-

Akshat Apartment

A real estate giant – The leading real estate of Rajasthan Akshat Apartment came out with an interesting ad campaign in April 2017. The focus was to launch their upcoming project  Akshat Kanota Estate at Nyla Road.

You know well the need for housing is not limited to few of us. Thus targeting through Cine Ads is the most lucrative option where you can target all city dwellers at one stroke. The ad film created was made in 4K resolution by Pathfynder.

The advertisement was screened during the movie- Begumjaan in April 2017

To view advertisement, click here-



Jaipur Adda –

A recently opened rooftop cafe in one of the best areas of Jaipur, Jaipur Adda’s ad film appealed with its peppy interiors, music, aesthetics, food, activities and a panoramic view of the city captured in a beautiful time-lapse, all shown in the light-hearted video in 4D cinema technology during the screening of the superhit ‘Bahubali’.

There are no questions to be asked after the successful running of Bahubali 🙂


Jaipur Adda-1 copy.jpg


Volkswagen Jaipur – The German automobile giant – Volkswagen – Tanya Cars, Jaipur released a video film during the screening of Salman Khan starrer ‘Tubelight’.

The video was made after two days of shooting at its Volkswagen Service Center and Showroom in Jaipur. The video showed different services, features, beauty of the Volkswagen cars along with giving a peep into the experience of both buying and driving a Volkswagen from Tanya Cars, Jaipur while including interesting & authentic customer testimonials.


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 4.29.55 PM.png
Contact Pathfynder for more information on how you could get your brand video done and promoted with an upcoming blockbuster.

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