It’s no secret that Instagram is taking over the social media with its more than 700 million users and cool new features. And some fantastic features have been added in last few weeks, focusing more on Instagram Stories, which now has some amazing add-on to make it more effective and dynamic. So, let’s get started!


This all new feature as part of the version 10.21 for iOS and for Android, allows you to be more creative with your pictures. This way you can beautifully highlight the lime lights of your photos.

The new Instagram eraser brush is so easy and fun to use, here’s how you do it!

  • Take a picture or video.
  • Select any drawing tool.


  • Select a color with which you want to fill the screen.
  • Tap and hold it for few seconds to flood the screen with the color.


  • Now click on the eraser brush to erase the color and reveal the highlights of your picture or video.
  • You can save and share this with your friends.


Let the creativity flow!


Yes, you heard it right! Now you can use Instagram offline as well but there is a twist, this feature is right now available for Android users with Android 7.0 Nougat or above (Sorry, Iphone lovers). Instagram offline mode allows you to take photos and edit them, and they’ll be automatically up the next time you go online and the same goes for the comments and likes you do while being offline.


Instagram rolled the InstaStory feature last year and it is rocking since then, with people posting their day-to-day content, the-uncut, behind-the-scenes, the goofy things, the boomerangs and what not. Moreover it appears on the top of the Instagram Home Screen which actually helps to grab viewer’s attention. Now think what if you can link your website’s URL or your blog’s URL or your online store’s URL with your stories? Boom! How easy it will become for your followers to straight away land on your website directly from your Instagram Story!

And now what if I say you can? Yes. Now all business Instagram accounts having 10,000 or more followers can add links to their Instagram Stories. And here’s a guide how you do it!

  • Start by taking a photo or video or upload one from your phone like you normally do.
  • Now, once you are done with adding hashtags, filters, stickers or text, click on the clip looking like link button at the top.


  • And then you’ll be directed to a page where you need to enter or paste the URL that you want to link with your post and you want your followers to visit.
  • Then click “Done” and that’s it! Now you can post your Instagram Story like normal.


Now, here is a tip, add a call to action like ask your followers to click on Swipe button or See More button to get directed to your URL.


So, this feature was initially launched to 30 selected brands but now after a great response, it has been rolled out globally. Instagram Story Ads is the first of its kind to be displayed as 9:16 full screen visual on the platform. This skip-able ad appears between other stories in a connected transition and is labeled as “Sponsored”. It can have a single image or a 15 seconds long video.

Plus you can add an action button like “Install Now”, “Book Now” and “See More” to direct the viewer to your respective link. Now, the thing to learn is how to launch your Instagram Story ad campaign. Here’s how you do it:

Step #1: Design your Ad

Now, this is the most important step because remember the viewer has an option to skip! So, the ad needs to grab the attention immediately, therefore working with professional designer or advertising company would be a great idea.

Make sure that if you choose to use a single image ad, it should be of high-quality and very clear to deliver the right message as it will only last for 10 seconds!

Step #2: Create your Ad

Now, if you have advertised on Instagram previously, you’ll be aware of the norms but if you haven’t then first you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Now to create an Instagram Story Ad you can either use Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. The first step involves choosing an objective for your campaign. Next step is to name your campaign and click Continue.

Once you have defined the audience for your campaign, go to Placements and click the Edit placement option, now under Instagram, select Stories. Now you need to set your budget and scheduling after that you are ready to design your Ad.

Start by choosing the ad format, you can go for a single image or a single video. Then you need to upload the respective image or video. If you upload a video, it will ask you to choose a preview image for it.

Once you are done uploading your media, you can track or enter tags for your campaign. And this is it; you are all set to launch your campaign!


Following the path of Facebook’s Graph API, now Instagram Platform API will allow the businesses on Instagram to track the performance of their organic content in a more constructive way through their enhanced metrics and insights better than any third-party tools available in the market.

For this, businesses need to have a business profiles to use the new features and the use of third party tools will still be permitted, but with Facebook Login.

With the new Instagram Platform API, you’ll have the ability to hide comments or toggle them on/off.


As Instagram now stores a lot of your data, so it is very important to make your account more safe and secure. Therefore, Instagram recently launched Two-Factor Authentication (2 FA), which is an essential security protocol to use for all services. So, without any second thought, turn it ON!

You can easily do so by going to Your Profile > Menu > Two-Factor Authentication > Require Security Code and turn the toggle on (i.e. blue). Then you have to link your Instagram account with your mobile number and you’ll receive a code to enable access. This will work as a gatekeeper preventing anyone to gain access of your account.



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