10 Professional fonts, every graphic designer should own

“10 hours 39 minutes” Exactly, this is the amount of time an average person spends on electronic media per day, according to a popular research. Almost half of our day is spent over checking our smartphones, TV, tablets, laptops etc. As a result, the quality of context what we see online is very important. And therefore, “Digital Typography” comes into the frame as an important concept to keep in mind while developing your brand’s GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Why do we always think that an image speaks a thousand words, while a word can speak a zillion stories, as typography inherit that power. When we talk about digital web design, typography covers a lot in that and for good reason. From artistic design to channeling the user journey, here are 10 of the most professional fonts that are certain to give your design an air of sophistication.

  1. Gotham


Inspired by 20th century architectural signage, Gotham is classic at the same time modern. It resides a variety of weights and makes a great design tool to elaborate in a better way.

  1. Futura


The vintage, timeless lines and perfect curves of Futura is probably the reason why it is everyone’s top choice. There can’t be anything it doesn’t go well with, that’s the reason big shots like Airbnb, Best Buy and Avon use it mostly.

  1. Brandon Grotesque


It’s one of the most versatile fonts of all time. It flows perfectly with vintage design, way pointing sign, interactive display, even with a wedding invite, in short, it suits with everything.

  1. Trajan Pro

Memoirs_Page_001 copy

Created back in 2012, Trojan as a classic Roman structure and possess a very sophisticated set of glyphs, which, in turn, gives this font a time-honored contemporary appearance.

  1. Helvetica


Helvetica is a typography darling of all minimalist designs. Studies showed that it makes a greater visual impact than Verdana, Comic Sans and Arial together. Its plainness allows, nah, tempts you to be as creative as possible, while at the same time, urging you to stay within the limits.

  1. Proxima Nova


Buzzfeed, Wired, Mashable these are the few top names in 25,000 websites that use Proxima Nova intensively. Its extreme family is available in seven weights (thin, light, regular, bold, semi-bold, extra-bold and black), with matching italics, small caps and condensed widths.

  1. Klavika

d192fec7e78e081ba9987ab561b1e656--fonts-typography copy

Klavika has a different but a soft, welcoming vibe to it, yet it’s so classy and striking. Be it the upper case or lower case, both are well notable and head turners.

  1. Univers


Along with many other classic Swiss faces, like Helvetica, Univers is also based on Akzidenz-Grotesk. Showcasing systematic origins, it is one of the first typefaces to be launched as a family, that is, with a matching set of fonts, styles and weights.

  1. Oswald


Oswald has become a popular choice of designers working in the world of web. This professional font has been reformed and re-drawn to better fit the pixel grid of standard digital screens.

  1. Aviano


Inspired by the power and timeless beauty of classic letter forms, Aviano has a stand-out design, created by type designer Jeremy Dooley, gives a perfect edge to a standard layout.

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