Pathfynder: The Untold Story of 2017

New Year brings new hopes and aspirations for everybody, be it an agency or an individual. The year 2017 has surely been an inspiration for all the team members of Pathfynder because as soon as the year commenced, multiple versatile projects came and the team was excited to take them over with great enthusiasm and zeal.

The brand management agency of PAN India,  Pahfynder helps its clients with creative ideas  and enable them to  take a tough fight with their competitors. The year 2017 was full of excitement as the team did some crazy projects and few of the things were done for the very first time in the history of Pathfynder that gave us creative freedom to experiment. Let us take you through the untold story of 2017 of Pathfynder, which saw many new creative ideas being poured out and successfully implemented.

  1. Brand management campaigns

Building brands with the help of social media is not an easy task, as it appears to be. It involves an entire process of planning the content, graphics, and most importantly ideating with deadly deadlines. And not to forget, timing plays a very crucial role on social media. This requires a proper teamwork and we are glad to have the perfect team for it.

Pathfynder in the year 2017 was involved in various short brand management campaigns for the different segments.

From R.A. Podar Institute of Management, an established educational institute to ta BLU music festival by Clarks Amer, Latlong , both social fun events to SmashUP 2017 by TiE Rajasthan for budding entrepreneurs. The campaigns were dynamic and distinctive from one another yet the same team was involved in the work for these brand management campaigns and we are proud of the results.


  1. Photo shoots

“A picture tells a thousand words”, this actually stands true when it comes to building a brand image either from scratch or not. Photography is an integral part of any brand campaign and Pathfynder with its brilliant Photography team got multiple opportunities to work for different brands this year. Right from corporate videos of –Real Estate, Restaurants, Café’s, Hotels, Kitchen appliances & bathroom fittings, shoot for cook book, automobile industry, to creative shoots of fashion, Fairs & Festivals we have done it all.


  1. Video shoots and Live Coverages

Brand videos gives 53 times higher chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

Conceptualising the story board, production and direction has been done with great precision and we have got excellent results for it.

We covered following brands and events in the year 2017: Ranthambore Festival, Akshat Apartments, Jaipur Adda, Fleur, RAYS, Jeeman and Jaipurnama. Covering various events simultaneously in Ranthambore Festival requires efforts and hardwork of the entire team and we can happily say that we were successful in covering it. Jeeman a food trail of Rajasthan was a self-endeavor to capture the popular and some offbeat food places in the state of Rajasthan.

ranthambore festival 2
Ranthambore Festival
ranthambore festival
Ranthambore Festival covered by Pathfynder


In the Social Media age,  Live Updates is also very important and this year we did live videos and coverages for some big shows like Indian Couture Week Delhi, Amazon Fashion Week, Anamika Khanna Show, Farhan Live for Imperial Blues.

  1. Coffee Table Book

2017 has been a very inspiring and motivating year in the perspective of the diversified projects that we got to work on. Pathfynder was also involved in various innovative activities like designing a Coffee table book of food recipes. The idea of rewriting the recipes by actually cooking them and conceptualizing a photo shoot for it by going all the way to Pune was a task, which is in the process of its completion. The CTB is almost ready and on the verge of its release.

  1. Cinema hall advertising

Cinema hall advertising is an impactful way of advertising as large audience of different segments is targeted at the same time. The big screen is visually appealing and leaves a longer impact in the minds of the consumers. 2017 was more exciting as we did HD advertisement for Cinema Halls for the first time. With movies- Begum Jaan, Bahubali, Tubelight cinema halls advertisements for Akshat Apartments, Jaipur Adda, and Volkswagen were released.  Three different brands, which are not even closely related, and the same team working on the same and gaining success in each of them is a proud moment for Pathfynder.

  1. Documentaries

2017 holds a very important place for the team of Pathfynder as we used the technology to our benefit and shot various documentaries, which are still in process. Goa, Himachal and Bhutan are a few of them. When the team goes for leisurely trips, it takes along its photographic and video graphic mind with itself. And as a result, great documentaries are produced.

A film by Pathfynder, Jaipurnama officially launched on the Foundation Day  of Jaipur, and was applauded in various Print Media and also by  State Tourism of Rajasthan.

  1. Word Hard Party Hard

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy J We treat this very seriously and thus entire Pathfynder team looks forward for some time for team bonding and relaxation so as to be ready to touch the new highs. Pathfynder’s did many trips to rejuvenate- Himachal, Bhutan, Pushkar but its annual trip to Goa in March with entire team was the highlight.


The journey of 2017 has surely been an exciting one which went to a lot of roller coasters and we survived it. Cheers to the completion of 8 years and continuing of Pathfynder for finding the right path for the brand and itself.

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