Ways to fight FOMO on Instagram

Wish you all a very happy New year!

It is pretty much clear whether we like it or not but the influence of social media in our every day lives is a treasure both personally and in the businesses. The power of Social media gradually has shifted from a WANT to a NEED. I can not think of a way to connect with my friends and relatives from all over the world other than on Social media and so does my customers.

As far as visual branding is concerned, of all the varied platforms that brands lean on are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. No doubt, Instagram stood as the clear cut winner in 2018 and continues to hold its position in 2019 as well.

So I couldn’t find a better topic to start my New Year’s Post- It has to be Instagram

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With over 1 billion monthly active users which is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

While dealing with the clients and managing their social media accounts, this was the year when we have seen the gradual shift and keenness more towards Instagram.

This blog is specifically for those who are still thinking to join the bandwagon and for others who are already on Instagram and are worried and suffer from a case of FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out) if the content on Instagram goes out without the strategic planning for posts.

The journey of Instagram is here to continue in 2019, brands need to strategize their Digital and Social branding more towards Instagram with keeping simple things in mind-

Prioritize Instagram– If you are still thinking to launch your Instagram Channel. Take that The first step now and establish your Instagram presence by creating your brand or organizations profile by setting up a profile pic and a brief and inspiring bio. This Platform presents a unique opportunity to visually represent your brand, to everyone who scrolls through their Instagram feeds every single day.


Instagram helps in improving brand awareness and increasing engagement while promoting the products or services.

 Thoughtful Content-

Creating content is always challenging. For any brand greater connection with followers is only established when you act like humans and less like a carefully scripted statement. Give time and think like a commoner, create a post for the followers and not for yourself/brand. A small video or GIF pouring wine with some wine drinking tips will get good engagement than posting a visual with flashy discounts on wine.

Infuse Ideas – Simply going Digital will not do wonders. There is an entire world sailing around you. There has to be a thought process behind every post that goes on. No two brands of different segments can adapt to similar ideas. Don’t copy or imitate what others are doing, it might be working good for them but may not for you.

Experiment- Instagram has some awesome features. As a marketer, keep an eye out for the changes and be the first one to start implementing those with your target audience and it’s always fun to see other brands follow it, too.

Choose the right set of hashtags- Instagram allows the use of 30 set of hashtags, but it’s not necessary to use all as it looks untargeted and unprofessional.  Selected 7-10 hashtags are enough according to your posts and content.

Use Emojis effectively– On personal accounts use of emojis liven up the text and posts. They’re also used to humanize your brand because sometimes words won’t do it. However, as a word of caution, don’t overdo it. Emojis are to enhance your content, not replace it. Use them where they are appropriate. They should not ruin the sincerity of a post or hamper the reputation of your brand.

Instagram Stories– Stories are great for growing your engagement, building brand awareness, driving traffic to your website or blogs. The temporary nature of Instagram Stories gives brands the opportunity to showcase your products/teasers/upcoming launch/product descriptions. It keeps your audience engaged with what’s coming up next, and after watching one it’s easier to keep clicking rather than exiting and choosing the ones we want. Started as an informal feature story now the center stage of all brands. Add location, give mention and make the most of GIF’s, swipe up features.

Entertain & Engage–Apps are intriguing and refreshingly different. Well, to entertain and engage there are multiple ways and apps can do it more effectively. The apps with basic animation in your photos make them good enough to be shared on Instagram.

Will discuss in the next post few photo animating and photo editing tools like werble, Pixaloop, lightroom, Plotagraph.

It is a huge tool and we spend hours on it. Hope you liked reading it and will try to master the art and science of New Gen with Instagram 🙂


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Keep reading more upcoming posts…


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