Learn how to create your Social Posts accessible for Visually Impaired!

‘Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it’

your social media posts for visually impaired

How busy we are living the lives that we often forget that just like us who can see, there are people who are blind and visually impaired and they are also using social media like we do. As a branding agency dealing with multiple brands and managing multiple social media accounts, it’s our responsibility to spread the word for making Social Media all-inclusive. It’s important to understand the accessibility and independence for those who are blind and visually impaired by easing communication in today’s virtual world.
As we are celebrating World Braille Day on Jan 4 in honour of Loius Braille, who originally developed the Braille code nearly 200 years ago that has helped to change the lives of blind people across the globe, let’s give a thought to continue with our efforts to make the lives much better in our own little ways.

Here’s how to create your Social Media Posts for Visually Impaired-

On Instagram
Until now social media content hasn’t always been the most accessible but Instagram recently added automatic alternative text so users can hear descriptions of photos through screen readers when browsing the Feed.
Before pressing ‘share’ and uploading your Instagram post, press on ‘advanced settings’, there is then an option to add alt text to your image. Adding alt text to your posts gives a person with a visual impairment a good idea of what the photo shows, and it also is a way of making social media accessible and inclusive.
On Twitter
Twitter is making efforts to make their services more accessible to blind and visually impaired users.
How to enable the composition of image descriptions from twitter.com
1. Click on your profile icon and select Settings and privacy
2. Click Accessibility from the list of settings.
3. Find the Compose image descriptions checkbox.
4. Check the box to turn the setting on or off.
5. Click Save changes.


And at last a very simple tip to make accessible content is using capital letters at the start of each word within a hashtag(#). The screen-readers pronounce it correctly and it is also easier for people with some useful vision to read.

We just shared some of the ways in which brands can make their Social media posts more accessible for those who are visually impaired. Let’s make the world a better place 🙂 Hope it’s enlighting …?

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