Here’s how not to mess up with your content on Social Media!


Hello Folks!

It’s Monday and we know that you’re ready to take on the day and a week in an awesome way! Also, a great day as India stamps its historic win against Australia breaking the 71-year-old jinx.

Winning is the most important thing, even if you are not battling on the ground your everyday battle is there which is to make your work best.

Let’s start-

here's how not to mess up with your content on social media! (1)

Today there is a lot of stuff to read on Social Media but is your content reaching your audience as well? Well! we’re often so busy creating content that we often miss the fact –Is our content reaching the right place? Don’t assume that your best content writers are doing the best job when it comes to writing for Social media.
Content generation and dispersion are still the most important key areas of any Social Media campaign.
The foundation of any campaign is about building a relationship through engagement, the engagement leads to conversation and that ultimately builds a strong relationship. It’s a small circle that can be achieved only with good content.
Consider the points-
Be authentic & original Any relationship is built on authenticity and originality. So, your content should work on the original facts and figures for your brand. Do your homework to collect data.
Your audience Who are your audience? If you are a local brand consider touching the chords of your people. Talk about them, their tastes and regional choices.
Drive engagementFocus on stirring emotions cause that is one thing that all humans share – joy, sorrow, excitement, boredom, fear
Be honest Don’t claim or write what you are not.
Share something small; every day If you think sharing a few posts in a month will do, you’re mistaken. To stay connected share something every day. As a business person, you don’t have time to think and write, it’s better to take the services of a Social Media agency that will help to grow your brand with the right content.
Watch your spelling That’s a common blunder we often see on many social media posts. Though it’s never intentional believe me that gives a negative impact on your brand. It’s completely a matter of quality control. Your words on Social Media describes how is the quality of your product/services. So just be cautious!
(Will be sharing some online tools that will help you generate full proof content in my upcoming blog)
Share trending content There are various tools that keep tracking various trends. Sharing content with the relevant trends and hashtags trends will get your posts to reach the right place. But remember they should be in tune with your brand.
Share some useful tips- If you have a hospitality brand consider sharing a small tip of what to carry in certain weather conditions or tell your audience what all local cuisines to taste or places to visit when visiting. Limit selling your rooms every day. Yes, it’s important to add value to your posts with useful tips.
Understand Copyrights- Plagiarism a big NO. Take inspiration but not copy the content. Though it’s the easiest way but the short-term gain will hamper the long-term goodwill of your brand. Don’t compromise!
Put a little effort to make each piece shine Once your concept and content are ready, relook and make changes while injecting brand’s personality, hitting with impressive headlines and taglines, beautiful words and while keeping SEO strategy in mind. Ultimately content is what drives real-world people to your page.
User-Friendly- The entire exercise is for your audience. The content should be user-friendly, simple and clear.
Otherwise, your entire content will be floccinaucinihilipilification 🙂
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AuthorAnisha Hajela is a Co-founder at Pathfynder Solutions. Pathfynder is the leading branding agency and the pioneer of Social media in Rajasthan. She is also Co-founder at Jaipur Beat (Media & Publishing House)- Jaipur’s biggest and most liked online portal. Anisha has been consistently handling the content division in the organisation since the past 9 years and has a stronghold in strategising content for various campaigns, blogs, coffee table books in the different genre.

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