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The journey of Social media is really interesting. When we started in 2010, I remember creating content and publishing without any visuals. Slowly we started using Photographs from the internet but the major shift was using our own clicked pictures by the year 2012.
In the world of Social media change is inevitable, now today it’s more about visual content – good photographs, creative designs, animation, GIF etc. etc.

As promised in my previous blog I will be sharing a few apps that will refresh and give a new life to your Social media posts with more creativity.

In this fast age, we need fast results. Tried and trusted these apps are simple to use and aid your daily design work. They not just save the designers time but gives a fresh breath to your pictures.

pathfynder blog.jpg

Canva– Create beautiful designs in minutes no design skills or complex software needed. It has got all the templates for Social media, Flyers, posters, ppt, emailer, Instagram, twitter etc. This is the remarkably simple online platform for graphic design. It has a comprehensive image library. Even better, it comes equipped with a collection of templates that can be applied to a number of different industries. Canva allows you to collaborate with your team or design partners on a visual, within the same platform. It’s an amazing tool that helps us to design creatives with so much ease. The feature image of my blog is created through canva only.


Werble App-This app transforms your photos into spectacular moving works of art that will demand attention when they are posted.
Super easy to use as it only takes a few seconds to turn your photo into a mesmerizing masterpiece. Choose from lots of animating art packs created by the world’s top artists. You can customise colours and lighting, rearrange layers, add filters or inject retro charm.

Added the falling flowers to the still image.

Pixlr -It’s a photo editor, for all your editing needs. Whether you have never edited a photo or a pro, Pixlr has all the tools and effects you need. The double exposure feature gives multiple layers to photos and blends them together to get a unique look. Choose from a pool of effect packs to have a look that you want.
Pixellop – For iOS -The latest app by Enlight ‘Pixaloop’ is a fantastic photo app that can bring any photo to life with its super cool animation tech. The app can animate your still photo as well. Pixaloop tools give you precise animation control so you can perfect your idea. Choose the speed of movement you want to create moving masterpieces: uncomplicated and uncluttered.
For one, Pixaloop is not free. It is a subscription-based app but, the app is great, so I suppose that is fair.

All these apps say more than a regular photo. Sit back and watch the likes roll in on your feed.
What are some of your favourite visual content creation tools?

Author– Anisha Hajela is a Co-founder at Pathfynder Solutions. Pathfynder is the leading branding agency and the pioneer of Social media in Rajasthan. She is also Co-founder at Jaipur Beat (Media & Publishing House)- Jaipur’s biggest and most liked online portal. Anisha has been consistently handling the content division in the organisation since the past 9 years and has a stronghold in strategising content for various campaigns, blogs, coffee table books in the different genre.

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