Create jaw-dropping, dramatic portraits with your iPhone!

With the advancement of technology, there’s always a new era when it comes to the subject of “photography”. Around two years back, after the launch of iPhone 7 Plus, Apple introduced a portrait mode option for capturing a photo. We were given an option to activate it on our existing iPhones and be part of its beta testing. What started as a raw tool slowly kept evolving and refining as time passed. And hence their iPhone 8 Plus was launched with full-fledged portrait mode preinstalled. I have seen/used many phones on Android offering their own portrait modes. While some of them are excellent, but still there is no doubt in my mind that an iPhone’s portrait mode is the closest one can that can fit in getting the natural depth of field. Further, it’s quite fast and delivers very high-quality output.

Portrait Mode


Ps: The above photograph was taken through the portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus and I have just used iOS’s native photo editing app for cropping and enhancing it.

Portrait mode uses the dual cameras to create a depth-of-field effect — letting you compose a photo that keeps your subject sharp with a blurred background. You can also add captivating lighting effects to your image.

The best part is the camera app lets you know when you’re too close, too far away, or if the area is too dark. The built-in editing features will help in enhancing the picture already clicked like crop and auto-enhance.

What does Portrait mode do?

When you shoot in Portrait mode, Apple’s technology identifies the key matter and the background. The software then blurs the background while keeping the subject sharp.

A shallow depth of field is fantastic because it emphasizes the subject. It makes them stand out. It does this by creating a soft, dreamy backdrop.

So go ahead and experiment with your portrait settings on your iphone. I bet you will get wonderful results, especially in your professional shoot.


Author Gaurav Hajela

Mr Gaurav Hajela, founder of Pathfynder Solutions, which is one of the leading Branding Agencies of Rajasthan, and Jaipur Beat- an online portal, is a brilliant photographer with a profound story behind each of his clicks. He is the proud winner of many photographic competitions; the leading one being Canon Wild Clicks I. Numerous photographs clicked by Gaurav is published in leading magazine across India.
His mesmerizing photographs have also been published in the leading international magazines like Vogue, Hello for his customers, and travel websites like Make my trip, Yatra and Sushmita Sen’s brand ‘I AM She’. He has also conceptualized and launched 2 editions of Coffee Table book “Soul of Rajasthan” based on his own photographs from the state of Rajasthan. For the young and budding photography fanatics, he has conducted and hosted photography workshops as a guest speaker in various schools and colleges of Jaipur. 

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