Instagram Stories to drive audience engagement

Over the years, Instagram is one of the most helpful platforms to share visual content. From the brands perspective, Instagram stories are like a fresh breeze for social media marketers as it lets you plan, visualize and align your Instagram strategy.

Instagram Stories for different brands

About Instagram Stories

Interestingly, Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. The photos and videos shared in your Instagram Story are ephemeral and can’t be viewed once 24 hours have elapsed.
Integrate Instagram Stories to market your brand 
Instagram Stories has over 500 million daily active users. Where else a brand will get such a massive audience?
How to design Instagram Stories
When it comes to designing stories, it’s important to have clear and consistent Instagram Stories as per the brand’s theme. Stories are a great shortcut for creating consistent branding.
Designing doesn’t need to be too complicated- use simple branding elements like colours and fonts. There are available apps like canva, story art or unfold that help to create attractive stories in no time and you get a professional look as well.
How does Instagram Stories help your brand :

It allows you to share the Posts at a Higher Frequency :

With the 24 hours Instagram story feature, one of the most advantageous parts for your business is the frequent stories rather than the post, so instead of spamming your followers’ news feeds with too many post use Instagram story feature if you have many stories to share and connect easily.
Share ‘not so picture perfect’ Little Moments : 
‘Behind the scenes’ (not so picture perfect) can be shared with the followers as Instagram stories, this help to connect with your audience on a personal level.
Apart from that, your Instagram stories last only for 24 hours, there is no worrying for sophisticated posts. The unpolished posts will help create a sense of authenticity.
Cost-effective, No Expertise Required, Creative D.I.Ys 
Uploading Instagram stories don’t really need an expert nor require a lot to spend.
It requires just a creative mind, and do it yourself (DIY) attitude.
Simply, upload the short videos to show how your product can be used, using Instagram stickers, GIFs, etc.
Promote Your Post Ahead of Time 
Instagram stories can create suspense, it gives a surprising value to your upcoming post, so you can promote your post ahead of time, which gives a better connection with clients and audience. They can also relate better with the company and the products since they have seen the journey of through Behind the scenes, photo shoot etc., like Instagram stories of the new product.
No Over-flooding Feeds of Followers 
Since Instagram stories solve the problem of over posting.
Now, no more flooding the feeds of your followers which at some point of time might annoy them and the worse unfollow you.
Call to action
Instagram allows incorporating polls and links into your stories that help in engaging the audience through different Instagram call to actions, website link or IGTV.
So go ahead and experiment with your Instagram Stories for your brand. I bet you will get wonderful results.

About Pathfynder –Pathfynder is the leading branding agency and the pioneer of Social media in Rajasthan.

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