Pathfynder’s rendezvous with Eminent speakers at Talk Journalism 2019!

Pathfynder’s association with one of its kinds and India’s only media festival Talk Journalism is not new. Earlier, in its 4th and 5th edition, Jaipur Beat the brainchild of Pathfynder got an opportunity to be the official digital media partner for one of the most talked-about media conferences in the nation. The event was covered through our blogs, live coverages and tweets, creating short video interviews of the eminent journalists and personalities like Karan Thapar, Suhasini Haidar, Ben Wizner, Tulika Devi, Ayaz Menon, Siok Siok Tan, Piyush Mishra, Lotfullah Najafizada, Akash Banerjee and not to be missed some fun-filled interacting sessions with the visitors and celebrities both. No doubt, all these efforts made the brand memorable.

In The Year 2019

This year in its 6th edition, Pathfynder is proud to be associated with Talk Journalism as their Newsroom Partner.

Pathfynder CP-19 (1).jpg

Mentoring the aspiring journalism students was altogether an exciting experience where the students from the different parts were selected. The main purpose of the newsroom was to provide an opportunity for the students to understand the dynamics of news reporting by doing it themselves.

The students were briefed about their assignments of live reporting from the ongoing sessions during the Festivals. Dynamically those reports were reviewed, edited followed by instant upload on the Talk Journalism’s Website.

The participants from various schools of journalism returned home not just with their certificates but a first and experience of how news publishing works in an actual newsroom.

Apart from the Newsroom responsibilities, Pathfynder also conducted personal interviews of the celebrity journalists and political figures and could get their views on the issues concerning Indian politics, environment, and journalism.

Of the eminent speakers, we got a chance to personally speak to Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Ravish Kumar, Ritu Kapur, Sreenivasan Jain, HR Venkatesh, Sharda Ugra, Cyrus Broacha, Nick Davies and Ayaz Memon in a personal interview.
Ravish Kumar in his bold avatar, talks about the issues surrounding the current government and its implications on the students of journalism.
On his association with Talk Journalism since the beginning, famous sports columnist, Ayaz Memon has always been a person to look up to. We caught him having a tete-a-tete with, Gaurav Hajela Co-Founder Pathfynder, about the changes around Indian and International Cricket.

In the man’s world of sports journalism, she made her mark like a pro. Sharda Ugra the trailblazer woman in sports media in conversation with Neha Mantri at Talk Journalism 2019!

Essma Agrawal in conversation with Dr. Shashi Tharoor – Talk Journalism 2019. The discussion with Dr. Shashi Tharoor went on the lines of dissent, conformity, right to freedom of speech and expression.

Ritu Kapur, the co-founder of the news platform The Quint, in a candid conversation with Co-Founder Pathfynder Anisha Hajela. She briefly talks about her career transition, plagiarism and the challenges faced by the women journalists at Talk Journalism 2019

He’s funny with his logics and delivers satire in the most rib tickling way- Cyrus Broacha in conversation with Pranshu Pareek at Talk Journalism 2019!

There were several interesting sessions and workshops held during the event at Talk Journalism 2019. One such session ‘Life of a Photojournalists’ was moderated by Founder of Pathfynder Mr. Gaurav Hajela who himself is a passionate photographer. Along with two other photojournalists, Bhagirath Basnet and Purshottam Diwakar, the session gave an interesting insight into the work-life of a photojournalist in a Q & A session at Talk Journalism 2019.

We’re proud that our significant and substantial contribution made a difference to newsroom inside talk Journalism, like all of its last editions, is a great opportunity for both professionals such as reporters, editors, and writers along with the students who are interested in following the path of media professionally.

We look forward to being associated with Talk Journalism once again.

Pathfynder signing off from Talk Journalism 2019!

Pathfynder Pic TJ .jpg
Team Pathfynder- We do awesome things when together 🙂 
About The Festival-Talk Journalism 
In the fast-developing era of technology, the media space is changing like never before. There is a need for a platform where professions, trends related to it, technological advances, challenges are discussed and debated.
Talk Journalism is one such initiative of The Vox Media Foundation which aims at bridging this gap and takes a step towards initiating the media dialogue.  Talk Journalism is the only dedicated festival that celebrates Media and Journalism and gives a platform to the aspiring media professionals to discuss and debate about related issues. The festival attracts the pioneers in media and lets them share their experiences about the industry with the audience. It is the most enriching experience in a journey of being a journalist.
It’s the years of hard work that today PATHFYNDER is the most preferred brand that people would like to collaborate with.

Gallery TJ19

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