Top 8 advertisements that changed the field of advertising in India

On World Television Day, we’re reminiscing about the television advertisements that changed the game of branding & marketing in India, with their creative power & wits. Here’s a list of those advertisements that stood out with their ability to leave an impact on the Indian consumer psychology.

  1. Bajaj

The originality in Bajaj advertisements was way beyond what other companies were doing. The advertisement they release in 1987 was a big deal because being a utility product, the company had managed to merge the trend of family advertisements with humour extremely well.

  1. Fevicol

There are no surprises here. Pidilite, till date has never produced a Fevicol advertisement that went unnoticed or unheard. Fevicol has been one of the favourites since the 90s, without doubt.

  1. Center Fruit

Kaise jeebh laplapayee’ is a very well-known tagline. With captivating twists in the end of each advertisements and the famous tongue-wagging Center Fruit left the consumers smiling.

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury released an iconic series of advertisements where it subtly manifested the idea of how life was serene and happy around Cadbury chocolates with a soothing yet catchy background music. Not only that, releasing a minute-long advertisement at that time was considered quite something.

  1. Camlin Markers

Camlin Marker produced an advertisement by highlighting its product’s features in a rather unparallel way. The company did not only leave its audience discussing the advertisement widely but showed how significant timing & music can be to comedy.

  1. Center Shock

Another addition by Perfetti Van Melle India, Center Shock’s advertisement was a shocker in terms of how the brand maintained its vision & innovation. Its adversiment was intriguing in every possible way.

  1. The Hindu

The ‘Stay ahead of the Times’ campaign by The Hindu was a bold reaction to Times of India’s campaign that asked people to not read boring news. The open-ended controversy made the brand very popular among its viewers.

  1.  Hutch

By releasing at a time when India entered a post-globalisation phase, Hutch advertisement with its ‘cute’ puppy caught the attention of many. The popularity was so much that every next pug was called the ‘Hutch Dog’.






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