Short Videos and New Website Launch by Pathfynder


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For any company their brand is their reputation. When someone makes a purchasing decision, that decision is based on one thing: does the brand speak to the end user in a way that sets the right perception of your company? We at Pathfynder offer our clients a brand identity—the tangibles of a brand.  We make sure to build brand architecture through deep research, planning, understanding and craft an expressive visual language through interactive websites and videos that becomes the identity of that company. After all, a well-crafted and well presented brand is more attractive. It grabs people’s attention and creates excited fans— those champions that will, at the end, drive success.
Here are few of the recent projects by Pathfynder carried out for various clients

Food Shoot for The Forresta Kitchen and Bar
Food shoot is always an excellent subject for us and that’s the reason we simply loved doing this branding video for our client The Forresta Kitchen & Bar a restaurant based on Forrest theme in the buzzing city of Jaipur.


Product Photo shoots for Color Buckket.
Appealing high quality product photography is essential for apparel e-commerce! And a major part of having an attractive website, these days, also means having high-quality, beautiful images. Recently, we’ve finished concept based product photography for Color Buckket a premium digital print apparel online store for men. Their e-commerce website is also conceptualized and designed by Pathfynder.

Website Designing
Website is very vital to any current day business. Be it just for your hours, your customers are looking for you on the web. Still waiting to own one? Check out this quirky and eccentric website carried out by PATHFYNDER for The Forresta Kitchen and Bar and Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati!


The Forresta- Outdoor Dining

The entire planning, conceptualizing and designing of Forresta and Devraj Niwas is carried out by Pathfynder. A quick visit to their website will give you a complete idea about the design philosophy.

Videos by Pathfynder

The story of the brand conveyed through a short and engaging #video has now become an integral part of today’s Social Media strategy. We capture the essence of what the client is offering to its customers, and translate their brand’s identity into a visually appealing story through  videos.  Here’s the latest video by PATHFYNDER for our client from hospitality sector Devraj Niwas, Jaipur. The concept here was to bring out the aesthetic ambiance of the property for curious travelers who are coming to stay with them.


Another one for the love of Beetle- the 21st Century Car.  🙂
Video and logo designed by Pathfynder for The BeetleHeritageExpedition2016 by Volkswagen Jaipur


So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to showcase your business through well-crafted videos, Social Media Identity and a perfect website .


Each project taken up by Pathfynder is a fresh challenge to do new for us. With every assignment to build a brand identity we are able to convey real business purposes, but there’s always a hint of self-depreciation and humor in our work. It is always fresh and represents our edginess 😉

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The story of launching an ecommerce website for Color Buckket


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We were sitting in our office fiddling while staring at the countdown timer. Time itself seemed to have stood still. Our entire team at Pathfynder was both excited and nervous, after weeks of planning, preparation and hard work we were about to float a new product line concept live.

This was the moment of excitement, anxiety and truth.  Would it be appreciated?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

We hit the publish button.


Supporting an ecommerce business launch is a hard work that involves many decisions, revised planning and steps, which need to be put together with right timing.  Pathfynder took up a project a couple of weeks ago to introduce and launch the ecommerce business of Color Buckket – an online merchandise store with crazy, unique and stylish prints for fashion forward individuals. Here’ we’ll share with you the story of launching this beautiful, vibrant and user friendly ecommerce website for Color Buckket!



Remember the times when going to our favourite shop was an exciting adventure? Those colourful racks and enticing new products would stimulate our desires to buy everything at once!! Visiting the shopping malls and shops was altogether an exciting experience. Those memories inspire us today to create innovative and appealing ecommerce website for our clients.  We created a story board for the photo shoots of the products; each image handsomely tells a story of the man wearing the label Color Bukket. We researched on international model shoots to make sure that the website appears to be of global standards!  While conceptualizing the ecommerce website of Color Buckket, our team of creative minds was clear on some points; enthral the customers by presenting product range in grand new ways, with the use of fascinating designs and emotive language approach, and create stimulating shopping experiences that ensure the customers always return for more.

Photo shoot

12687923_1654152681513742_7550129013680084218_n 12670206_1657261184536225_2132898962033456592_n

Like all marketing planning, a photo shoot should have a purpose and a goal. We aimed for a pre planned, decided target and hit that within the time limit. Right from the selection of models, their coordination and styling to the real time photo shoot and final delivery, our team of professionals left no stone unturned to make it a successful one! The selection of models, which included rounds of screen tests, dress rehearsals and mock shoots in our own studio at Pathfynder as well as some of the most exotic locations in and around the Pink City, was a firsthand experience for our team of professionals too. Good photography after all is vital for online retailers; therefore we used best in the industry equipments for the shoot like Canon EOS 7D, 7D Mark II, Lenses from 50 – 200 mm, 600D and 500D with latest technology supporting gadgets like tripods, Mac book and camera remote.


To come out with most creative end results, we experimented with lights and how can one forget to mention about the handpicked props for the shoot. Hence when the end result is so much satiating, we would say it was worth digging into cosy shopping streets of the city and bargaining with luxury car and exotic destination resort owners.  Apart from that, even the fluctuating weather on shoot days did not deter our team from performing for this mutual goal for Color Buckket .  Enjoy a sneak peek into Behind the Scene video of Color Buckket photo shoot to have a sleek idea 😉



Even in the most likely and favourable circumstances, we need to touch up a model’s skin tone or remove unwanted marks after shoot. A proper photo processing and color correction was not at all challenging for the expert professionals at Pathfynder. We walked on the cake with this step and the final result can be seen in the website


12494687_1650963861832624_8364474857093139822_n 12662677_1660082867587390_5791092725382793162_n 12745696_1659112331017777_3392948959525982315_n

With the most attractive and interesting look of the ecommerce website of Color Buckket in place, we entirely focused on creating an exciting shopping experience for their customers. Thinking more practically, we developed the tools that make the website appear (user friendly) accessible to all, from casual shoppers who browse at a leisurely pace to people who want to find a specific product on a click. The wonderful line of merchandise by Color Buckket made it easy for us to play with the colors. The fascinating, off beat and crazy prints and designs in their range of Shirts, t-shirts, ties, pocket squares and bows fostered our “creative keeda” to conceive fantastic designing.

Social Media


Additional content always helps a brand or product in standing out from competitors and allows the search engines to find out that you are more than just an ecommerce site selling products. Way before the website was launched we were all over the social media with Color Buckket merchandises. We exploited the tools of instagram with intriguing photographs of the prints, designs and the smart content on facebook and wordpress helped us bring more traffic on their website.

The revolutionary real-time communication is allowing brands to build momentum through organic social interaction. We cashed on this wonderful tool by getting others involved in the conversation and the process of sharing through Facebook, Instagram and wordpress.  The strategic pitch of content with right Search Engine Optimizing words made it easy for the brand to encourage fans and get involved in communication.

Check out the teasers and content posted on Social Media platforms of Color Buckket, which really made the people want it 😀

With our under one roof ecommerce launch solution, we delighted Color Buckket and reminded them how exhilarating shopping can be on their ecommerce website.


You too are planning to own a powerful, profitable online shop? Just take the first step  – contact Pathfynder now !!


The glorious journey of Pathfynder in 2015

It is evidently wonderful to see any change or development in the company you’ve nurtured year after year. Pathfynder saw and delivered incredible projects over the last couple of years, especially the year 2015. While most of the ventures and projects signify progressive developments in the social media and branding industry of Rajasthan while some evoke nostalgia for the achievements in the past. Pathfynder and its team strives to bring in revolutionary changes and developments in the Social Media Industry, here’s a review of some cherished moments we saw in Pathfynder..


Soul Of Rajasthan, a Coffee Table Book Launch

After the roaring success of the first edition of ‘Soul of Rajasthan’, Pathfynder launched Soul of Rajasthan – Second Edition in the year 2015.   The Second edition was again a beautiful journey that takes the reader through the different faces of Rajasthan. To be precise the true soul of Rajasthan is cocooned in this book that comprises 144 pages, 143 outstanding photographs clicked by Gaurav Hajela and the impressive content written by team Pathfynder.

The book is an attempt by PATHFYNDER to present Rajasthan’s religious kaleidoscope, in an altogether different way.


IIJW Journey from Concept to Conceptualization for the Brand Birdhichand

IIJW is an international platform that held every year in Mumbai, showcasing the extraordinary range of jewellery design and craftsmanship skills within the Indian jewellery industry.

Team PATHFYNDER handled a part of the show’s conceptualization, planning, and implementation, PR for the brand Birdhichand Jewellers. Pathfynder also did the entire print & digital campaign along with live coverage of the event.  During the same time their new responsive website was also launched, which was designed and developed by us.


Launch of our new Studio

Photography is part of our business and we know that the right quality equipment and with state of the art infrastructure, we can make a big difference to the results. We feel very proud with the opening of our studio, which has all the modern facilities and equipment’s required for photography, be it for fashion, product, portfolio and e-commerce photoshoots.

In the month of September, it was a major breakthrough to have launched our own studio and undertaking all photo-shoots for our existing as well as new customers.


E-commerce Website

The year 2015 was important as Pathfynder ventured into the making e-commerce websites that provides complete e-commerce solution to our clients. Ecommerce websites designed and developed by Pathfynder give a surprisingly easy and convenient way to sell products online.

The online shopping experience, which was once reserved for major online retailers, is now our forte. Our e-commerce websites gives the convenience of a fully integrated free shopping cart and a secure checkout. Our e-commerce websites are designed with search engines in mind and are optimized accordingly.

Fashion Shoot

Khushboo-e-Rajasthan (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Conceived and developed by Jaipur Beat, the biggest online magazine in Jaipur, under the umbrella of Pathfynder, initiated Khushboo- e-Rajasthan which was one of the most gripping online photography contest.

In the year 2014 the event started as Khushboo- e Jaipur and it won many hearts thus was back again. The contest received tremendous response from the avid and amateur photographers of the city and beyond.  As Pathfynder’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Khushboo- e- Rajasthan was a delightful treat to eyes, showcasing incredible and fascinating photographs of Rajasthan and cultural vibrancy contributed by the natives of Rajasthan.


Fashion shoots for multiple brands for e-commerce website

While selling clothing/accessories online, professional photography is the most powerful tool. In the year 2015 Pathfynder undertake photography projects for e-commerce websites. We pride ourselves in having the skills, the staff and the facilities to provide the images with high quality.

Our shoots are well conceptualized with storyboards, we hire models, stylist, select the location and arrange for props according to the concept.

We make beautiful photographs keeping the entire process simple and enjoyable.


Part of Savio Journey for launch & promotion

Savio Jewellery unveiled its esteemed Guinness World Record Holder – The Peacock Ring at a dazzling event. Pathfynder was in charge for the entire conceptualization and visualization of the launch event and promotion of the Peacock Ring for our esteemed client Savio Jewellery. Complete content including press releases, brochure content, invitation card, teasers, Emcee content were done by us. Still photo shoot of the ring, AV of the ring, designing of brochure, invitation cards, making of a presentation, handling of digital media was all done at one point i.e Pathfynder 🙂


Website for India’s First Heritage Hotel

We all are aware that a lot goes into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website. To start with the concept, it’s the efforts of photographers, content writers, web designers and web developers, who work together to produce a website at Pathfynder for our clients. And when it’s about India’s First Heritage Hotel, it has to be unique, creative and should stand out of the crowd. We accomplished the website work of Ajit Bhawan in a month’s time.

The entire design was being made keeping in view the responsiveness to the device, be it desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobiles.

Ajit Bhawan




Ajit Bhawan- India’s First Heritage Hotel Website Goes Live


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Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.32.08 pmWe all are aware that a lot goes into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website. To start with the concept, it’s the efforts of photographers, content writers, web designers and web developers, who work together to produce a website at Pathfynder for our clients. Phew! That’s a lot of work, plus the deadline to meet. But the process of creating a unique user experience ultimately inspires viewers to become brand loyal advocates, and that is the biggest satisfaction that we attain.

Supposed to be India’s first heritage hotel, Ajit Bhawan in Jodhpur is a splendid mansion built by Maharaja Ajit Singhji of Jodhpur. At one point of time, the palace had been the home to the Maharaja. Part of this palace is still occupied by the royal family. As this huge mansion allures many tourists with its royal appeal it was not easy to make the website for the same depicting the true beauty of the place.


When the website is designed, the main focal point is it’s appealing pictures, unique design, color scheme, brands logo, navigation, usability, loading times, compatibility and responsiveness, comprehensive site map, social media integration, original and factually correct content creation. Approvals and disapprovals are part of a game at every point but that certainly does not disappoint any one of the team members. We struggled and juggled and at last we accomplished the website work of Ajit Bhawan in a month’s time.

website screenshot1

Our Philosophy

Our aim was to make the website unique, but to keep it simple. Presence of a distinctive feature like conversion of sketch to its original picture makes the landing page more impressive.  Also to reduce the effort of a viewer the mouse over function has been used. The entire design is being made keeping in view that the design should be responsive to the device, be it desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobiles. For the first time, site map was used that help users and search engines index the site and make it more convenient to navigate on smart phones. Under the umbrella of Ajit Bhawan there exists two websites –Ajitbhawan and Rawla Narlai. website AJIT BHAWAN RAWLA NARLAI screen shot website 2 Ajit Bhawan The designs of each are in the sync with the main website but on the other hand the selection of color scheme for both goes according to the original color of the property. creative launch1 Full width images were used in the website, as they are automatically resized if they get too big on mobile. So here, Pathfynder takes pride in presenting, which is up & live NOW. We humbly request to visit the site and give your feedback for the same!





Coffee Table Book- Soul Of Rajasthan launched successfully


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Soul Of Rajasthan

After the roaring success of the first edition of ‘Soul of Rajasthan’, the leading branding and marketing firm, Pathfynder launched Soul of Rajasthan – Second Edition.  

In a glamorously unique style, the launch event of the book was held at Mool Foundation in two days of exhibition and free reading sessions on March 21 and 22, 2015 .

soul of rajasthan book

Prominent personalities and dignitaries came to visit the event and spent a pretty good time in appreciating and admiring the different chapters and the whole of Soul Of Rajasthan– the Coffee Table Book !


Jaipur’s great businessman and socialite Mr. Sudhir Mathur praised the Coffee Table Book Soul Of Rajasthan with heartening words “A great collection of photographs and write ups. Great going, I am Impressed” and the person behind MOOL Foundation Rajan Bhatt said, “What a happy journey through Rajasthan J Good Stuff Gaurav and Pathfynder Team”  while a young boy Rahul Saraswat said, “Being a rajasthani i felt more proud and glad today ..true gem of rajasthan Gaurav sir ..thank u for showcasing rajasthan so beautifully…” Such straight from the heart reviews from our guests truly overjoyed our team who worked day in and out to come up with the “Soul Of Rajasthan.”

Sudhir Kasliwal

Gaurav Hajela with Mr.Sudhir Kasliwal, owner of Gem Palace, a big collector of the vintage cars and a passionate photographer from Jaipur.

The Second edition fabulously took all the guests and attendees on a beautiful journey throughdifferent faces of Rajasthan. Aprt from the city some foreign tourists too showed interest and gained in-depth information about the book at the event.

Comprising 144 pages, 143 photographs, the Coffee Table book contained 117 photographs clicked by Gaurav Hajela, the Founder of Pathfynder and the Author of Soul Of Rajasthan. The content of the team stands out with beautiful heads (Titles).

The preview and exhibition of Soul of Rajasthan was a grand success that saw the glitterati of Jaipur from various fields like art, photography, marketing, social media, as well as genuine art lovers of the town.

Team Pathfynder

Team Pathfynder

We are delighted with the love, blessings, appreciation and encouragement received in last two days during our exhibition for the book Soul of Rajasthan . Would like to thank each and all for making the launch of Soul of Rajasthan’s second edition a great success 🙂

The book ‘Soul of Rajasthan’ is available for sale on along with a strong presence on social media platforms viz. Facebook, Instagram and twitter.


Celebration Of Month October With Contestober!


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Social media is an industry built on the base of technology that shifts daily, demanding creativity and innovation because platforms, trends and best practices are constantly changing and evolving.
To develop an effective marketing program, Jaipur Beat which is an online digital magazine of Pink City and a brainchild of Pathfynder, launched the concept of Contestober aimed to celebrate the festive mood of the month October.

contestoberJaipur Beat conducted its first Contestober  in association with one of the leading fine dining restaurants of Jaipur ‘The Forresta Kitchen & Bar’. Contestober #1 ‘Forresta Foodesta’ kicked off on October 8, 2014 and ran till October 10, 2014. With interesting brand related question the contest received amazing audience engagement and garnered huge number of likes on Facebook by the food lovers of the city.

contestober1Jaipur Beat also initiated and executed another contest in association with Rabhyaa which is a notable jewelry brand of Pink City. Contestober #2 ‘Shine with Rabhyaa’ was set into motion on October 16, 2014 and ended on Dhanteras i.e. October 21, 2014. This contest which tested the basic knowledge of jewelry drew an overwhelming response from the enthusiastic people of the city.

contestober 2We all know that the selfie obsession has got into the blood of our country’s youth. So to celebrate the love affair of our youth with their cameras, Jaipur Beat in association with Fotopro launched Contestober #3 ‘Fotomania’ on October31, 2014. The selfie lovers of the city participated in the contest with a lot of zeal and the vibrant faces in the pictures clearly justified the saying ‘Self love is the best love’.

selfieThe concept, content and creative designs for all the contests were conceived and actualized by Pathfynder to build a loyal fan base for its customers on Facebook. Pathfynder along with Jaipur Beat was able to create an innovative approach and use the power of social media to shape up and attract traffic for the contests successfully.

Success Story- Pathfynder’s Blog of Jaipur Beat goes Viral on Social Media


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With a kick start in the year 2010, the journey of Jaipur Beat began with an idea to connect with the young and enthusiastic generation of the Jaipur city. The blog falls under the umbrella of Pathfynder Solutions and was the very first of its kind to establish a communication platform to connect with the jaipurites by disseminating information in a very light and crisp manner. The blog for over three years captured every essence of Pink City through its photographs, facts, short stories, features, views and reviews. Be it any event happening in the city, upcoming movie, tourism, shopping, food, or the mention of popular lanes in the wall city, all was covered in a very interactive and appealing manner over the blog.

Initially after creating a buzz amongst the teenagers, college goers and young professionals the blog gradually became the beat of the Jaipur city as the people from various age groups were able to relate with the facts and stories published on the blog.

Some things work best when they are kept simple. The focus of entire blog is to keep it  very simple and uncomplicated which becomes the primary reason for its success and the connection it generated with the audience.

After sharing a strong communication bond with the people of Jaipur over the years and getting an overwhelming response on the features like ‘9 amazing places a photographer must visit in Jaipur during monsoon’, ‘4 reasons why we love to visit World Trade Park’ and ‘5 treasures named after Sawai Man Singh ll’ the creative bug at Jaipur Beat brought up an idea that connects with every Jaipurite on a more personal level which finally materialised with a blog topic ” 25 things that prove you are a true Jaipurite” 

There was no looking back! When the final draft of the blog was published it got tremendous response and was appreciated by each and every one but the fact that it will create history was the lesser known fact till the time it went viral on social media.

Till now there are 381 shares on Jaipur Beat Facebook page
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.23.47 am
153 shares on Jaipur :News and Views Facebook page that makes it more than 530+ shares till now. It has 560+ likes on both the pages.
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.27.10 am
The blog got 2620 hits on the first day within hours of posting it and got 11803 hits day before yesterday and 6069 hits yesterday. That’s 20000+ hits in three days and still growing.
The blog also reached at 8th position amongst the top 100 daily blogs of the day in the world on the word press during the day, for the fact being it was the only Indian blog to stand strong on the number 8th position amongst those hundred.
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.35.33 am
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.36.54 am

Apart from the Jaipurites, the tourist who have visited the city previously and the people who all could relate to the mentioned facts have taken on the mantle of active sharing and interacting on social media about the blog.

The trending Jaipur Beat blog also caught the eye of print media and the leading news paper DNA featured it the very next day under the head ‘What’s Trending Today’

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.28.31 pm

Jaipur Beat has its presence on all major Social Media platforms as well-




WordPress- and


8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To iOS 8


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During the much hyped launch event of Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, there was also an announcement of the official release of iOS 8 for public download. iOS 8 is the latest OS from Apple for their iPhones, iPads and iPods. The OS builds its foundation on iOS 7 and apart from iPhone 4 and first generation iPad, supports all the current crop of models available. We tested the OS on our good old iPhone 5.


The package to download was 957 MB and as we tried to download immediately after its public release the complete installation took almost 2 hours. The total size of the package after the download is 1.2 GB. So why should you actually upgrade to this new OS on your current Apple device ?

1. Messages : The new iMessage bridges the gap between Whatsapp and other messaging tools. Now attaching the picture or a video is just a piece of cake. You can also send audio messages that can be self destructed. Also deleting a message in thread won’t change the status of original message and unlike earlier messages, the thread would be visible on the top even though the last message received is few days or hours old. Some thing very similar to Whatsapp.


2. Camera : The camera of an iPhone is also a thing to be envied. Despite not so high offering in MP count, 8MP camera in all the devices does wonders against the so called huge MP offerings from competitors. iOS 8 now offers large number of editing tools after you have clicked an image. Frankly these tools make some of the photo editing apps from the iOS 6 and 7 quite redundant. And the editing is real time.


3. Time lapse : The camera app now allows you to click and record time lapse directly. This is huge as all the good and professional Time lapse apps are generally paid. Apple is really trying to nullify the threat from upcoming players such as Instagram’s Hyper lapse.


4. Smart Keyboard : Although this tool is available in Android from quite some time, iOS does integrate this finally. While typing, the keyboard suggests the “contextually appropriate words” to complete your sentence. Frankly we found this far more powerful and intelligent than its Android counterparts.

IMG_58755. Favourites : New iOS offers and establishes your favourites based on your communications with them. So connecting with these favourites is just a click away. Just double click on your home button and you can get a list of your favourites. Clicking on these favourites would allow you to send message or call them directly.

IMG_58716. Tips : There is also a tips tool where there are 9 tips for you to learn and use iOS 8 to its full potential. The tool also indicate that there will be more updates in times to come.


7. Health : Apple has integrated the health tool very tightly with existing apps. Now your calories count, heart rates, sleeping logs, all can be monitored and checked under one tool.


8. Family Sharing : This allows upto 6 users in a family to share photos, locations, purchases from iTunes and app. Setting this is very easy and this also helps if you have 2-3 devices such as iPhone, iPad and Macs in the same household. IMG_5877So cosmetically there isn’t a large differentiator between iOS 7 and iOS 8 but trust us, this is far powerful and intelligent OS than its younger brother. The finesse is very much there as all the earlier iOS. The existing device is not slowed down by upgrading and new additional features make your usage of old devices far more exciting. Strongly recommended .

iPhone 6 is to be “watched”


There are launches and then there is launch of an iPhone. Undoubtedly the biggest launch in the industry, the invites of this launch scheduled for 9th September were sent well in advance. What was surprising was that the invites were sent to leading fashionistas and fashion bloggers putting the speculation rife that Apple’s watch will be unveiled in this event. Exactly at 10.30 IST, the event started and although Apple announced that live video streaming will be available for the event on their website the video streaming stopped after few minutes into the launch. However the live updates were available for all to see and digest. Tim Cook took the stage and after a nostalgic trip the iPhone 6 was launched.


Today we are pleased to announce the biggest announcement in iPhone is how Tim Cook started the session and the launch. Jaipur Beat was following the launch of these Apple products with bated breath. This is our take on the new products from Apple.

Size : The size of iPhone 6 is 5.44″ * 2.64″ and 6 Plus is 6.22″ * 3.02″. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus weighs 129 grams and 172 grams respectively. Despite big size these iPhones surely are leaner and maybe meaner.

iPhone6 has a 4.7 inch display and iPhone6 plus has a 5.5 inch display

iPhone6 has a 4.7 inch display and iPhone6 plus has a 5.5 inch display

Shape: The new iPhone comes with continuous seamless design with a combination of anodized aluminium, stainless steel and glass. So no sharp edges in the corner, this one comes with curves on the side. Apart from the new shape, these iPhone are one of the thinnest iPhones ever. At 6.9 mm, iPhone 6 is the thinnest iPhone currently. Even the iPhone plus is thinner than iPhone 5s despite its big size and display. The biggest change is the shift of power button which moves to the right side of the phone from the conventional right hand top. The volume buttons are also flat as compared to round in iPhone 5S.


Display : The new iPhone comes with the screen size of 4.7″ (iPhone 6) and 5.5″ (iPhone 6 Plus) multi touch display with IPS technology. Gone are the days when we used to say small is beautiful and handy. These iPhones are big and maybe bulky at times. So after all the size does matter 😉 Both of these come with the standard Retina display. iPhone 6 has a resolution of 1334 * 750 at 326 pixels per inch. That’s a serious resolution to have on a phone but iPhone 6 plus is really a plus when it comes to display. It comes with 1920 * 1080 at 401 pixels per inch. That’s full 1080p HD resolution in your pocket at 5.5″. The iPhone 6 comes with a new landscape view on home screen itself.


Processor : Both the iPhones come with Apple designed A8 chip. This chip has upto 25% faster processing power and upto 50% faster graphics power than its predecessor. The A8 chip is built on second-generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture. Its incredible power is enhanced by an M8 motion coprocessor that efficiently measures your activity from advanced sensors, including a new barometer.

Camera : As we all know, iPhone is one of the major reasons why every person is turning into a photographer these days. Now the 8MP iSight Camera with f/2.2 aperture has a new sensor with Focus Pixels and new video features, like 1080p HD at 60 fps, slo-mo at 240 fps, and time-lapse video mode.


iOS 8 :  iOS 8 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. With incredible new  features designed to make the most of a larger display, iOS 8 is smooth and makes every moment feel bigger and better.

Apple Pay : Dear Wallet, your days are numbered because Apple Pay intends to replace you. Now paying in stores happens with just one touch !  The Near Field Communication antenna in iPhone 6 allows you to pay by just holding your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID.


 Battery : With increased battery life, iPhone 6 lets you do more, for longer than ever. iPhone 6 will offer almost the same battery life as iPhone 5s however iPhone 6 Plus will come with bigger battery to compliment its size.


Looking at all the above things, are you tempted to buy iPhone 6 ? If you are already an Apple freak this is a must buy, and if you are not, we are sure you will become one after using this 😉 🙂

Pathfynder covers #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition LIVE on Social-Media


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Kingfisher Beer Up

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar hosted Kingfisher Beer-Up day-before yesterday, on May 8th, and Pathfynder, as its social-media partner, covered the event LIVE across all the social-media platforms on which this fine-dining restaurant has its presence.

Kingfisher Beer Up Twitter RSVP

The entry to event was by invitation only and the RSVP was a Twit-invite, through Twitter. Kingfisher announced about the event on Twitter 5 days in advance from their official handle “@kingfisherworld” with #KFBeerup as the hash-tag. The RSVP was opened on 3rd May and within minutes 50 slots were complete.

KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition

The major coverage was through Twitter , Instagram and Facebook.

KFBeer Up Jaipur Beat

A day before the event,  creatives were made, star moments from the season 1 (of this event) were posted and glimpses of the on-going preparations at the Forresta lawns and pool-side were sneak-peeked, to be shared on the restaurant’s profile as well as on other well-known( Facebook and Twitter) profiles of Jaipur. This gave the event an enthusiastic head-start and  the word spread to the target audience of the event, in this case, it was the age-group of 18-30.

When the party is about beer, a national series beer competition, awesome music, and lots of young crazy crowd, the audience across the city is already hooked to their social-media profiles for by-the-minute updates of the event. Add to it an organising partner that is the world-wide mascot for good times, Kingfisher Beer, and we are all set to drench the Pink City with beer fun and wicked games that they would remember for a long time to come!

Tweets about the uniquely named games like Beer Sucker and Beer Premiere League, their country-wide champions, previous season’s records of these games, that just had-to-be broken, kept the followers hooked. In order to participate the crowd had to tweet their names to the Kingfisher Twitter handle, and the quickest ones were next on-stage to compete.

A whole new platform was added for social-media coverage of KFBeerUp, Instagram! Videos were posted through Instagram, and photo albums were posted on on Facebook, with the official partners tagged in them.

Forresta on Twitter

The Forresta Kitchen and Bar was the page everybody was watching and an all-new country-wide followers were added to their social-media platform. Forresta added around 15 new followers after the event, on its Twitter profile!

Kingfisher ReTweet of KFBeerU

Kingfisher’s more-than energetic social-media coverage on their page, made for an excellent partnership for the night. They frequently re-tweeted Forresta’s posts.

All-in-all a great experiential-marketing experience, and we will surely be awaiting the next #KFBeerUp in Jaipur, but till then, keep partying at the Forresta Kitchen and Bar!!