Soul of Rajasthan- A Coffee Table Book

June 7,2013- The day when Pathfynder received its first International order of making a Coffee Table Book and that too on ‘Rajasthan’ where our soul resides.

Gaurav Hajela, the Managing Partner at Pathfynder Solutions, is the brain behind the concept of “Soul of Rajasthan” and making a coffee table book on Rajasthan was always a beautiful dream for him which was about to come true.

“Finally that moment in life arrives. A coffee table book on Rajasthan goes on the drawing board from tomorrow onwards with photographs clicked by me and content and design by PATHFYNDER”  (tweeted Gaurav Hajela), when his dream project of making a Coffee Table Book on Rajasthan and first International order for Pathfynder finally arrived.

The idea of this book was conceived with the purpose of reflecting the true essence of Rajasthan in a different way so as to make the reader feel close to the culture albeit where he or she is sitting. The task was not easy as the job is to be done within a month. So, the team started working 24*7 and no one was bothered of  tick- tock of the clock hanging on the wall. It was challenge for one and all be it designers, content writers or any one in office.

SAGA in making…

After rounds and rounds of brain storming sessions and rejections we finally picked up with the Title of the Book- ‘Soul Of Rajasthan’

Selection of photographs, original content creation, deciding on designing themes of different chapters, clicking new pictures according to the theme…there was so much to do and that too within the deadline of one month.

To be factual enough: 72 pages in 38 days, loads of content with massive designing and justified selection of photographs. And yes only 24 hours of working in a day….apni to band bajne wali hai…..But the passion and motivation of team was much beyond these limitations.

And the first few rough print outs just gave us the feel of being actually a part of Saga in making….


“If you are working on a Sunday and even happy to miss this lovely weather / Ashes on TV, there needs to be a substantial reason behind it. Glad to see the dream finally taking shape. Coffee Table Book “Soul of Rajasthan” on the verge of completion” (Tweeted Gaurav Hajela)
And finally on 17th July, 2013 at 3.00 AM the coffee table book Soul of Rajasthan is finally complete. That we worked our ass off for this project would be an understatement.

But yes..Kuch Baat hai Hum Sabhi Main would be apt! Cheers to team Pathfynder!


That moment when you finally lay your hands on the coffee table book on which n numbers of sleepless night and anxious days were spent. Controlling tears of joy suddenly becomes a tough task for all. An attempt to make a saga isn’t wasted (Tweets Gaurav on 17th July,2013)

And hereby team PATHFYNDER completes the coffee table book: “Soul of Rajasthan” with classy designs, soulful content and selection of pictures which reflect the true spirit of Rajasthan.


The dream comes true but the Saga continues………

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