Branding & Promotion

It starts with a thought, develops into an idea and goes on to change the fortune of individuals and companies. This is called Branding as we know it. We are full service branding company which offer you every thing under the branding sun- Brand creation and management, designing, Logo Design, Graphics, brochures, e-brochures, e-flyers, campaigns events… the works.

We are a think factory using raw thoughts and creativity to offer you finished ideas to turn the tide into your favor.  To keep it straight, we help you open new avenues and win your customer’s loyalty forever.

We approach the branding of an organization in a scientific manner. The entire approach is based on the profile of the organization as well as the target segment.

Case Study:

  • Logo design of Rajasthan State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation (RSCSC)
  • Task: A new government department that deals with civil supplies in entire state.
  • Insights:  Target segment varied from Urban to rural, educated to uneducated. The logo should have mass as well as global appeal.
  • Strategy: As major products dealt with were agriculture related we proposed the color green. Also as it was into distribution, a circular motion reflecting un-interrupted distribution was provided. The logo was simple yet very powerful.
  • We help our clients to strategically position their new brand in the market, in absolute terms as well as in relation to their competitors.
  • Case Study : Devraj Niwas, Bani Park, Jaipur
  • Task: People typically were not aware of the newly opened boutique hotel in the area. Also, the needs of the Business and Leisure traveler are poles apart. The task for us was to integrate and make the communication about this new development in the town and the brand relevant to the two kinds of travelers.
  • Insights:  We tapped into human insight that when people are away from home they need nuance, some special yet home like treatment from a hotel they are staying. At the same time the locals also look upto something exciting in the town.
  • Strategy: Devraj Niwas pays attention to all the little needs and service requirements that may arise when one is out of home and delivers it through young and cheerful staff in a modern, vibrant environment. For the delight of locals, they offer live events, popular band performances almost every fortnight.