About Us

Pathfynder Solutions comprises of highly motivated and young professionals who strive for excellence. We have a team of highly skilled content writers, web developers and creative graphic designers who have thorough knowledge and multi faceted expertise in their respective fields. Although we do follow fixed office hours like other organizations but Pathfynder’s team is geared up to meet the deadline making office hours look so silly at times. We customize our solutions and services to fit the unique & specific needs of each of our customers.

A zest to do something different have made us hard core media consultants, who are zealous when it comes to meeting business objectives and passionate when it comes to creativity. With our integrated departments we offer the knowledge and expertise to create and nurture brands. We believe that every form of communication should carry a promise and every campaign should be simple, memorable and effective.

Extend the Reach

Reach anyone, anytime, and anywhere on multiple networks in one click. Reach masses, worldwide!

Engage and Retain

Know your fans, monitor comments, responses, generate personalized interaction & improve brand association

Analyze and Plan

Measure & monitor your brand’s success across social networks & plan strategies based on consumer feedback


Brand monitoring via fans posts, comments, mentions, replies, searches at a regular interval. Highlight keywords so good and not-so-good posts can be addressed. Improve Efficiency!


Measure the brand effectiveness on every action on networks. Get statistics and demographics on fans, website hits, comments, mentions, re-tweets, likes etc


Schedule posts & get 24×7 effect. Schedule to cover worldwide timezones. Schedule RSS as per day of the week and time of the day etc. Improve Productivity!