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It’s no secret that Instagram is taking over the social media with its more than 700 million users and cool new features. And some fantastic features have been added in last few weeks, focusing more on Instagram Stories, which now has some amazing add-on to make it more effective and dynamic. So, let’s get started!


This all new feature as part of the version 10.21 for iOS and for Android, allows you to be more creative with your pictures. This way you can beautifully highlight the lime lights of your photos.

The new Instagram eraser brush is so easy and fun to use, here’s how you do it!

  • Take a picture or video.
  • Select any drawing tool.


  • Select a color with which you want to fill the screen.
  • Tap and hold it for few seconds to flood the screen with the color.


  • Now click on the eraser brush to erase the color and reveal the highlights of your picture or video.
  • You can save and share this with your friends.


Let the creativity flow!


Yes, you heard it right! Now you can use Instagram offline as well but there is a twist, this feature is right now available for Android users with Android 7.0 Nougat or above (Sorry, Iphone lovers). Instagram offline mode allows you to take photos and edit them, and they’ll be automatically up the next time you go online and the same goes for the comments and likes you do while being offline.


Instagram rolled the InstaStory feature last year and it is rocking since then, with people posting their day-to-day content, the-uncut, behind-the-scenes, the goofy things, the boomerangs and what not. Moreover it appears on the top of the Instagram Home Screen which actually helps to grab viewer’s attention. Now think what if you can link your website’s URL or your blog’s URL or your online store’s URL with your stories? Boom! How easy it will become for your followers to straight away land on your website directly from your Instagram Story!

And now what if I say you can? Yes. Now all business Instagram accounts having 10,000 or more followers can add links to their Instagram Stories. And here’s a guide how you do it!

  • Start by taking a photo or video or upload one from your phone like you normally do.
  • Now, once you are done with adding hashtags, filters, stickers or text, click on the clip looking like link button at the top.


  • And then you’ll be directed to a page where you need to enter or paste the URL that you want to link with your post and you want your followers to visit.
  • Then click “Done” and that’s it! Now you can post your Instagram Story like normal.


Now, here is a tip, add a call to action like ask your followers to click on Swipe button or See More button to get directed to your URL.


So, this feature was initially launched to 30 selected brands but now after a great response, it has been rolled out globally. Instagram Story Ads is the first of its kind to be displayed as 9:16 full screen visual on the platform. This skip-able ad appears between other stories in a connected transition and is labeled as “Sponsored”. It can have a single image or a 15 seconds long video.

Plus you can add an action button like “Install Now”, “Book Now” and “See More” to direct the viewer to your respective link. Now, the thing to learn is how to launch your Instagram Story ad campaign. Here’s how you do it:

Step #1: Design your Ad

Now, this is the most important step because remember the viewer has an option to skip! So, the ad needs to grab the attention immediately, therefore working with professional designer or advertising company would be a great idea.

Make sure that if you choose to use a single image ad, it should be of high-quality and very clear to deliver the right message as it will only last for 10 seconds!

Step #2: Create your Ad

Now, if you have advertised on Instagram previously, you’ll be aware of the norms but if you haven’t then first you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Now to create an Instagram Story Ad you can either use Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. The first step involves choosing an objective for your campaign. Next step is to name your campaign and click Continue.

Once you have defined the audience for your campaign, go to Placements and click the Edit placement option, now under Instagram, select Stories. Now you need to set your budget and scheduling after that you are ready to design your Ad.

Start by choosing the ad format, you can go for a single image or a single video. Then you need to upload the respective image or video. If you upload a video, it will ask you to choose a preview image for it.

Once you are done uploading your media, you can track or enter tags for your campaign. And this is it; you are all set to launch your campaign!


Following the path of Facebook’s Graph API, now Instagram Platform API will allow the businesses on Instagram to track the performance of their organic content in a more constructive way through their enhanced metrics and insights better than any third-party tools available in the market.

For this, businesses need to have a business profiles to use the new features and the use of third party tools will still be permitted, but with Facebook Login.

With the new Instagram Platform API, you’ll have the ability to hide comments or toggle them on/off.


As Instagram now stores a lot of your data, so it is very important to make your account more safe and secure. Therefore, Instagram recently launched Two-Factor Authentication (2 FA), which is an essential security protocol to use for all services. So, without any second thought, turn it ON!

You can easily do so by going to Your Profile > Menu > Two-Factor Authentication > Require Security Code and turn the toggle on (i.e. blue). Then you have to link your Instagram account with your mobile number and you’ll receive a code to enable access. This will work as a gatekeeper preventing anyone to gain access of your account.



Cinema Advertising -An Essential part of your Media Plan in 2017- Pathfynder!


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What you see is what you remember. And we are not talking about photographs here. We are talking about the advertising that is age-old way of presenting our brand on various platforms like Print, Radio, TV, Hoardings, and Social Media.

Advertisements have been here for centuries now and have existed in all forms that the mankind cannot even count on fingers, but you remember only few which either appealed to you, or were communicated to you too often. In old times, there were fewer televisions and almost no gadgets that were equipped enough to distract you, hence, you had all the time and patience to watch advertisements. Now, let’s keep the past aside and look at the present.

When was the last time you watched an entire ad film except the ones you can’t skip on YouTube?

May be the very short ads shown in the break time of cricket matches. We switch the TV channels too fast, get irritated with the ads on Radio or perhaps just miss them due to thousands of other distractions like busy mind, traffic and the list goes on.

So how & where do the brands market themselves with the least cost in this cut-throat competition?

Remember a new ad of Manyavar every time you go watch a movie or the jingle ‘Lyra Lyra’ which must be stuck in your mind by now? That is the impact of an ad in the cinema hall does.

773A8534 copy

Over the years, a number of brands have taken the leap to free themselves from the confines of advertising and explored the possibility of aligning their brand with a creative cinema execution.

Of all the places people spend their most time at, be it their house, car, road, shopping malls, etc, there is one place where his mind is where his eyes are – Cinema Hall. The perspective & purpose of watching a movie has undergone a heavy change in the last decade. Cinema Halls are not just the place where you go to watch a good movie; it has become a haven as–

  1. One can cut off from all worries & outer world for a while and just carpe diem.
  2. You are anxious to miss your movie and hence reach the theatre 15 minutes before the movie begins.
  3. Similarly, after grabbing your popcorn you settle in the most relaxed state of mind, and there you are presented with a series of advertisements on the big screen in front of you.
773A6891 copy

Only the smart brands figured this out that this is where their audience exists in complete peace and restful state. They are now investing in casting their advertisements in movie theatres all across the country.

We have seen record-breaking year of 2015-16 at the box office and a lot more in expected from 2017. If you look at the trend with almost 13-14 Hindi movies like Airlift, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Dangal, Bahubali, Tubelight etc crossing the mark of 100 crore collections in 2016-17, you can estimate the size of audience that gets exposed to the advertisements in cinema halls.

No doubt, Cinema on-screen advertising has given brands an unparalleled opportunity to be as creative as the films that follow them. For its low cost, large audience, greater attention span, better recall value and being more impactful today numerous marketers all around India are adopting this emerging trend of Video Advertising in Cinema Halls and one of the leading cities to embrace this trend at a pacing rate is Jaipur.

Pathfynder is the is the market leader because we know how to use the medium well.

Pathfynder Solutions, offering 360 degree branding solutions, has been producing, directing, shooting and editing several promotional videos for its clients of different genres such as hotels, restaurants, Non Governmental Organisation, Automobiles, real estate etc. With high-end equipment and strong technical know-how, Pathfynder has produced around 10 big scale videos in the last one year. After using them on various social media platforms like You Tube, Facebook, etc, we have taken the leap to free our brands from the confines of advertising and explored the possibility of aligning them with a creative cinema execution.

Case Study- Of Brands that have advertised in Cinema Halls in the last 6 months in association with Pathfynder-

Akshat Apartment

A real estate giant – The leading real estate of Rajasthan Akshat Apartment came out with an interesting ad campaign in April 2017. The focus was to launch their upcoming project  Akshat Kanota Estate at Nyla Road.

You know well the need for housing is not limited to few of us. Thus targeting through Cine Ads is the most lucrative option where you can target all city dwellers at one stroke. The ad film created was made in 4K resolution by Pathfynder.

The advertisement was screened during the movie- Begumjaan in April 2017

To view advertisement, click here- https://youtu.be/g3klD-jQwTE



Jaipur Adda –

A recently opened rooftop cafe in one of the best areas of Jaipur, Jaipur Adda’s ad film appealed with its peppy interiors, music, aesthetics, food, activities and a panoramic view of the city captured in a beautiful time-lapse, all shown in the light-hearted video in 4D cinema technology during the screening of the superhit ‘Bahubali’.

There are no questions to be asked after the successful running of Bahubali 🙂

Video- https://www.facebook.com/pg/jaipuradda/videos/?ref=page_internal

Jaipur Adda-1 copy.jpg


Volkswagen Jaipur – The German automobile giant – Volkswagen – Tanya Cars, Jaipur released a video film during the screening of Salman Khan starrer ‘Tubelight’.

The video was made after two days of shooting at its Volkswagen Service Center and Showroom in Jaipur. The video showed different services, features, beauty of the Volkswagen cars along with giving a peep into the experience of both buying and driving a Volkswagen from Tanya Cars, Jaipur while including interesting & authentic customer testimonials.




Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 4.29.55 PM.png
Contact Pathfynder for more information on how you could get your brand video done and promoted with an upcoming blockbuster.

Now, Brands can spotlight their creative content on their Page cover!


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Brands are increasingly using video content to engage audiences on social media. No doubt, Video is the future of content marketing. For any social media campaign, or branding exercise, video works as one of the best tools.
Facebook has really begun to focus on video content and thus you find the latest change of moving pictures replacing Cover Pics to cover videos to allow brands to tell their brand story.
It’s simple!! We just did for our clients. Follow the steps and go ahead…
Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 3.04.13 PM
1. Upload a cover video in the same way you upload a cover photo now. Choose from the available options
Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 1.57.05 PM
2. Video Dimensions– Cover videos dimensions need to be 820 x 312 pixels
3. Length-  Cover videos can be anywhere from 20-90 seconds long and can loop in any way you want.
Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 1.58.26 PM
4. Mute/unmute option- Cover videos are preset to have the sound muted, so if a user wishes to hear the video they must manually turn the sound on.
5. Ready to Publish-
Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 1.58.02 PM
Once a cover video has been created, video will render when people visit the Page.
By making cover video available, help your brand to create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover.

13 Things On Facebook That Changed Brand Building


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Facebook completes 13 years of being, today and we cannot be happier. One of the most solid social media platforms that grew stronger with time is definitely also a favorite for all marketers. On its 13th anniversary, we share 13 ways in which Facebook changed the way brands promoted themselves and also how Pathfynder grew and experimented with Facebook.

1.) The Facebook Wall – That’s the first wall in human history that no one minds to talk to. When Facebook launched, the wall became the medium for everyone to speak out their thoughts on any and everything. Many brands also took advantage of the huge reach of Facebook and created their profiles on Facebook. Brands started posting creative content for their promotion.

2.) Images/Graphic Designs – Once Facebook gave way for posting images/graphics on the profiles, brands and marketing companies started promoting their pages with creative graphic designs. Pathfynder, being a marketing agency, definitely has a lot of fun creating beautiful graphical designs for its clients.

In Pic: Facebook Creatives for Pathfynder’s clients: Alsisar Haveli, VolkswagenJaipur,                                                           Skylights Cafe & Forresta Kitchen & Bar

3.) The Video Stories – Being able to play advertisements and videos on Facebook definitely gave a chance to many brands to narrate beautiful stories about their products and services, to a larger audience.

In Pic: A video coverage for our client, Ajit Bhawan, as posted on Facebook

4.) Brand Pages – Since Facebook became a huge platform for marketing it gave brands a chance to create their brand pages and promote their brands more effectively. As a branding firm, it became quite comfortable for Pathfynder to manage brand pages of our client through one account and we can’t thank Facebook enough for that.

In Pic: Pages of Volkswagen Jaipur & Blue Turban (as managed by Pathfynder)

5.) Location – Over the years Facebook added a lot of features that have all been of some good consequences for the brand. Location is another feature that has been useful for brands to connect with their audience across the world.


In pic: A Facebook post for Amar Mahal, Orchha, by Pathfynder (Using Location always helps)

6.) Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads definitely came as a boon for marketers when they got a chance to choose their audience through Facebook Ads. With the introduction of these ads brands could now choose and build large communities on Facebook.

7.) GIF – Introduction of GIF’s to Facebook was another milestone for both, Facebook and the brands. Being able to use unique features for brand promotion definitely helped a lot in digital media marketing. Pathfynder’s creative team definitely has the best time conceptualizing and creating GIF’s for the clients. 

In Pic: GIF created for Pathfynder’s client Jai’pour (for their launch)

8.) Feelings – Adding emotions to your posts on Facebook through Emoticons is definitely a big to influence people. The marketing world definitely had a party with such beautiful feature. 


In Pic: A Facebook Post for our client, On The Rocks (Feelings definitely speak more than words)

9.) Live video – While brands got huge success by interacting with their target audience through events, Facebook gave them a chance to connect to thousands of more audience through the option of live video posting.

In Pic: Live Video of Jaipur Literature Festival by Jaipur Beat

10.) Events – How many clients can one reach out to, by advertising in print media once and for what cost? Well, when Facebook introduced, event creation, on pages, it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a lot of people for an event.


In Picture: Event Created for Jaipur art Summit by Pathfynder

11.) The Blue Tick – Doesn’t just every brand wants to get their Facebook pages officially recognized with the Blue Tick, so that their fans can know that it’s their real page.

12.) Panorama shots – Probably for a lot of brands related to travel and tourism this was the feature that attracted them the most. So many tourism brands have used this feature to allure their fans on Facebook and we can say this because we really enjoy doing the same for Jaipur Beat.  


In Pic: Panorama shot of Stature Circle, Jaipur for Jaipur Beat

13.) Page Promotion – Facebook gives options to brands to promote themselves among people who share the same interest as that of the brand. That’s one thing that every brand looks out while placing themselves on Social media.


In Pic: Promotions for Latlong Jaipur event

All we can say is that Facebook, has been a superb platform for brands, to promote themselves and we are sure that it will continue to do so. Happy Anniversary Facebook 🙂


Pathfynder: Journey 2016


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For Pathfynder, every New Year brings in new hopes and new tasks to be accomplished. However, the Year 2016 has been exceptional for the whole team. We were laden with some new and amazing challenges and we were lucky to have them executed with immense success.

Pathfynder was lucky to add some more clients to its list and was also fortunate enough to expand its horizon and try some really new things. Not that it is easy to explain or write about the hard work that went behind all that success that has come to us this year but still sharing beautiful journey with our audience has always been a pleasure. So we gladly share a few of the tasks that we took upon this year and how they were accomplished.

Pathfynder is a brand management agency that takes cares of all the elements of marketing and promotion of its client’s brands. Be it Digital marketing, ATL campaigns or BTL we are there to promote our brands in the best and unique way possible.

Website Development

Website of a brand or company is not just a digital address but it is the face of a brand for the audience. So when this year we were given a challenge to create websites for so many amazing brands with so many different requirements and products then developing a complete new concept for everyone seemed a little difficult.  However tough may be the task but if you are ready to work on it with perseverance and passion the results are always glorious. So as a result of our hardworking design and development team we were able to deliver some amazing websites to our clients. Right from Ranthambore Kothi to Alsisar Mahal, Colour buckket, Blue Turban, Jai’pour Café & Bar & Pravas tours, each of our client’s website has a different vision and a unique set of target audience but the same team behind all of them.


Home Page for website developed for Ranthambore Kothi


Home Page for website developed for Alsisar Mahal

Photo shoots

Photo shoots happen to be a very important part of brand management as the final products of these shoots is used to represent a brand at numerous platforms. This year we got a chance to work with brands from industries like Hotels, Cafés, Jewelry, E-Commerce portals and Fashion.

Our team worked on each of these brands with a completely unique storyboard and we are proud of how the results have come out. the clients for whom we got a chance to do photo shoots this year were: – Ranthambore Kothi, BMW, Jaipur Ratna, Skylights Cafe, Forresta, Alsisar Mahal, Amar Mahal, Color Buckket, Jai’pour Cafe & Bar & Raghvendra Rathore

Photo Shoot for Jai’pour Cafe & Bar

Photo shoot done for Jaipur Ratna

Video Shoots

Video are again very important as a brand has just one shot at a time to create a brand story and present it to the customers. Videos shoots become even trickier when they are to be posted live. Tricky or not, this year our team scaled new heights while making some amazing videos for our clients. Right from conceptualization to creating a story board to production everything at our video shoots has been done with precision and as always the results prove to be better.

Last year we covered the videos for the following Brands & events: Vintage Car Rally, Forresta, Shahpura Hotels, Ajit Bhawan, Skylights Cafe, Jaipur Ratna, Beetle Expedition, Amar Mahal, Orchaa, Jaipour Cafe & Bar, 4 K short film showcasing Jaipur’s Diwali, Food Trail -Jeeman & Akshat Group.



Video shoot done for Amar Mahal, Orchha

Jeeman: A personal endeavor to capture Jaipur’s famous food items

E-Commerce Portals

This year we got a chance to launch two big E-commerce Portals, Color Buckket & Blue Turban by Birdichand Ghanshyamdas. Colour Buckket is a portal for apparel shopping for men whereas Blue Turban showcases silver jewelry by Birdichand. Launching both of them was an amazing experience.


E-Commerce Portal for Color Buckket


E-Commerce Portal for Blue Turban


Personal Endeavors

Apart from creating unique brand identities Pathfynder also got involved in a few personal endeavors. Gaurav Hajela, co-founder of Pathfynder, conducted a photography exhibition, Monochrome Dreams Colorful Reality.





Pathfynder as a brand management agency also manages digital and social media for events. additionally we also make creative concepts to promote vents. This year too we got to participate in many events as a creative partner. The events that we promoted were:- Rajasthan Automotive Sports Club, Wild Click 6 and Jaipur Art Summit as Media Partner.


Pathfynder team managed Social media promotion for the event- Jaipur Art Summit

Videos for Launch Events/Others

Apart from brand story creation for many brands our team also created videos for event launches. We covered launch of the international Salon brand, F Salon, Taj Rambagh Steam’s menu launch, live video for Jaipur Literature Festival, Teej Festival in Jaipur and many more. We also did some videos for our personal projects like a 4K Film covering Jaipur’s Diwali, An interview with Bibi Rusell and a video of Sambhar Lake.

4K Video shoot of Jaipur’s Diwali by I Phone 7

Interview of Bibi Russell


Pathfynder was also involved in other creative activities like Posters and other stationary creation for GITB, Rajput Automotive Car, Jewelry Association Show and Jaipur Ratna.

Technology Commissioned 


Apart from creating amazing brand campaigns for our clients we also give ourselves a chance to grow technologically. In the past year many new tech gears were commissioned by the Pathfynder team like i Mac 5 K & iPhone 7. We also used Drone for the first time this year for many of our shoots.


Much required Vacation

After such huge amount of hard work comes some hard core vacations. No doubth that apart from work the year was filled some short and beautiful vacations. 2 quick trips to Goa and one to the suburb of Shimla, Shonghi were enough to rejuvenate us and get back o work.

We are sure like the work and fun filled year 2016, the New Year will also be amazing and rocking. Happy New Year.

Jai’pour Cafe & Bar – Another brand story beautifully told


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Hard work, perseverance, sincerity, time management and many more adjectives can be added to this list, which seems like a list of requirements for a person handling any project or a job. However, when it comes to taking up Brand Management projects by Pathfynder the only and most important quality that leads us to the kind of work that we do is, PASSION.  In all our past campaigns, the kind of results that our team has produced is clearly a result of the passionate and dedicated team members.

Once again our team proved the same while we did a campaign for a beautiful café that recently opened up in Jaipur, Jai’pour Café and Bar. The café is based on the theme of Greece and is a heaven for people who are on a lookout for a place with a blissful ambience, scrumptious food and a, ‘to die for’ drinks menu.

When the challenge of doing a promotional video for the same came up, the whole team geared up to capture Greece, through the lens. A storyboard that envelops the intricate details of the café and their delicious menu was prepared and the team was ready to shoot the beautiful, one of its kind café and bar in Jaipur.

Covering the whole place covered in shades of blue and white and laden with bougainvillea plants was covered thus:

With this video the café was launched and opened for public. Apart from the video our creative team is also responsible for managing the social media pages of the brand and their PR. To give the brand a positive social media presence the Café was launched on Facebook with the following creative:



To promote café through media, a proper press release was designed to tempt people to visit the café. Here’s how media covered the newly opened café.


The video of the campaign has been well received by the audience and the team is well prepared to take their digital presence to new heights. With this we are proud to add another feather to our cap and we are determined to repeat this over and over again with new brands and newer and creative concepts.

Digital Campaign For Wild Clicks6!


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Like every year- India’s Only Live Photography Contest by Nature Wanderers was back with a bang and for the 4th time Pathfynder handled its entire Digital Media Campaign. The first time it was in

  • 2012: Canon Wild Clicks Kanha – Season 3
  • 2013: Canon Wild Clicks Pench – Season 4
  • 2014: Canon Wild Clicks Corbett-season5

Conceived and developed as an annual wildlife property by Nature Wanderers, Wild Clicks is one of the most exciting and thrilling wildlife photography competitions to be a part of. With around 100 contestants in Wildclicks Season 6, of various age groups from over different cities of India, they compete against each other for 4 days in the wilderness of Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh.

Pathfynder initiated the campaign for Nature Wanderers from 9th Dec 2016!

We were focussed to not only put regular updates but updates should be engaging enough both content and design wise.



Apart from creative posts, this was the first time in the history of Wildclicks when GIF’s were also used on Social Media.  GIFs are not only appealing, but also effective as they help enhance a brand’s message with visual content. As GIFs only last a few seconds, their file size is significantly smaller and the process of uploading them is faster comparing to videos, so for a event life Wild Clicks where there is a lot of dependability on mobile phones GIF is a great option for greater visibility.

GIF on Jungle Trails

Making of Countdown Creatives to build excitement for the event-

Designate a hashtag– Hashtags makes it easy to ensure that any piece of content or information, is easily accessible and collected in one place. All updates that went on Social Media by default were put with certain hashtags giving maximum visibility that ultimately helped in search.

#canonwildclicks6 #photography #canonindia#naturewanderers #WildClicks6

Nature Wanderers is India’s pioneering nature photography training organization that aims to spread awareness about environmental conservation through innovative means – primarily photography.  Over the years, Wild Clicks has grown as a competition and has always believed in giving proper recognition to the work of their contestants in some or the other way hosting number of prizes. Prize Creative-15095090_1451809881515470_2879623783241167934_n.jpg

The contest was judged by  BBC Award Winners – Jagdeep Rajput and Ganesh H Shankar


Mentors – Shivang Mehta, Tejas Soni, Saurabh Desai and Sandeep Dutta


A whole new platform was added for social-media coverage of WildClicks6 i.e  INSTAGRAM. Instagram’s Stories feature was used for the first time that helped followers to inevitably see them without needing to build a new audience in a different app. Each day of the event a story of entire day happenings were posted on Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 3.59.12 PM.png

Digital Campaigns are never easy to handle as it requires time and dedicated efforts and dynamism to be  successful. It is all about a team effort. Cooperation between different members of the organisation is just not enough but cooperation of all those linked with the brand is the key to success.

All-in-all a great branding experience, and we will surely be awaiting the next #Wildclicks somewhere in the wild heaven.



A 4K Short Film showcasing Jaipur’s Diwali Shot entirely on an iPhone 7 plus!


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If you have been wondering about the filmmaking potential of the new iphone 7plus wonder no more. Putting the 4 K video to test we have made the first 4K movie entirely on iphone 7 plus. The film captured the festive mood of Pink City. When iPhone 7 plus was launched experts said that the smartphone camera will behave more like professional digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras and can be used for making films as well.
We gave it a try and this particular video by PATHFYNDER was shot in 4K by iPhone 7 plus.

Watch Video-

Festive Mood of Pink City Jaipur captured in 4K by iphone 7plus




‘Monochrome Dreams Colorful Reality’- A Photo Exhibition for Art admirers


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Gaurav Hajela (Managing partner at Pathfynder Solutions) got together with a professional architect Rajan Bhatt and (Founder of Mool Foundation) to organize a juxtaposing photo-art exhibition displaying an array of breath-taking photographs by the theme ‘Monochrome Dream, Colorful Reality’. As the theme and name of the exhibition suggests, there are no points to guess that this one was a fusion of black & white and colourful photographs.



There was an array of black and white pictures depicting the beauty of everyday life by Rajan Bhatt while the right hand side exuded a palette of colors filled in life by celebrations clicked by Gaurav Hajela.

According to Gaurav Hajela it is these carefree moments wherein one can find real joy of life rather than waiting for a grand celebration. As you’d walk along the walls covered by his captures, you’d find yourself thinking about how it is the simple moments that make each day, each minute and each second of a life worth living and relishing without trying too hard to stay happy, be it the smiling girl during holi celebration or a monk child playing cricket at Ladakh. From folk artists to fashion show stoppers his work has covered almost all the subjects.


The inauguration ceremony of Photo-art exhibition was done by Lamp Lighting graced by renowned photographer Sudhir Kasliwal, the founder of Aayojan School of Architecture – Kiran Mahajan, founder-director of Rajasthan University’s Master in European Studies programme and HOD of Dramatics at Rajasthan University, and Center for French and Francophone Studies – Dr. Asha Pande, Principal of The Palace School – Urvashi Warman and other eminent faces of Jaipur.


During all three days of exhibition many eminent personalities of Jaipur city walked in to witness the exhibition. The artists and beholders who walked along the walls covered by the intriguing captures admired the simple moments that make each day, each minute and each second of a life worth living and relishing without trying too hard to stay happy.


The constant flow of visitors was followed by a gala evening in the garden with a dreamy setup, some music and a great stand-up comedy show put up by few boys who made the evening filled with soft tunes and loud laughs.



The day was followed by a private ‘Wine & Cheese’ sponsored by Jaipour Cafe a newly opened Cafe & Bar by Devraj Niwas  along with some very fine music played by the young talented boys and girls.


The last day saw the most crowd as it was a Sunday and people came in one after another to not just see but also talk about the art behind the exhibition and the respective photographs.








Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is surely a Plusworthy phone-Review

So amidst huge noise and fanfare, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were finally launched on 7th Oct at 7 PM in India. There was unprecedented rush at leading Apple stores with people standing in queues for hours to lay their hands on the latest and supposedly the best iPhone till date. While some were […]

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